5 Feb 2011

I'm A Chocolate Addict - Triple Chocolate Mousse Never Seen A Cheese Cheesecake

You may remember from my previous post I recently received some chocolate related baking goodies from the lovely people at Dr Oetker, well we're going out for food at a friends tonight and I said I'd make the pudding so I feel a cake of some sort coming on...

You may remember last summer when I shared my secret recipe for my amazing never seen a cheese chocolate cheesecake.  This is a triple chocolate updated version!  For the sake of being Treatwise, please don't eat it all. It may prove to be difficult not to but be strong, resist the urge to eat the whole cake!

This is what you will need

This is how to do it...

  • Crush the digestives in the food processor, if you don't have one, the less technical way is to put them in a bowl and bash them with a rolling pin.
  • Melt the butter in a pan and then mix into the crushed biscuits 
  • Transfer the butter and biscuit mixture into a cake tin and put in the fridge to set hard.

  • Melt the Dr Oetker Continental White Chocolate and the Dr Oetker Continental Milk Chocolate in separate containers.
  • Whisk the separated white of the egg and the tsp of sugar with an electric whisk until it forms stiff peaks and add a splash of cream to loosen it slightly
  • Whisk the cream and the remaining tbsp of sugar with the whisk until it's doubled in size and the whisk leaves trails in the cream
  • Mix the whisked egg whites and the whipped cream together and then put half of this mixture into another bowl 
  • Add the melted white chocolate to one bowl and the milk chocolate to the other

  • Spread the marbled chcolate mixture onto the top of the biscuit base and put back in the fridge for about 3 hours to set the mousse.

  • To decorate make chocolate shards (the chocolate must be cold so put it in the fridge at step 3) Using a palate knife scrape the surface of the Dr Oetker Continental Plain Chocolate over a bowl then sprinkle on the top of the cake and you're done! It's ready to serve!


M. said...

Like the pictures, looks delicious. Well done!

Naomi said...

This is definitely more my kind of thing! lol. I'll definitely have to try making this sometime :)

mummy24 said...

looks tasty

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