4 Feb 2011

I'm A Chocolate Addict - Dr Oetker - No Bake Rocky Road Clusters

So you will remember from my last post that I am a hapless chocolate addict, it's not a serious problem, I just can't say no! I recall telling you about squealing with joy when the parcel man delivered me a box of chocolatey goodies from Dr Oetker. I was in the kitchen this afternoon for a surprisingly short amount of time for something that had a quick and easy result that tasted as good as home made but without the effort! Just add butter and refrigerate.  I didn't even need to put the oven on!  

The No Bake range from Dr Oetker is quick, so simple you could do it with a blindfold on and tastes so good that even the other half couldn't tell it was out of a packet! 

Available in two fantastic flavours Rocky Road (the one I did not bake earlier!) and Yogurt & Cranberry  Each flavour takes just five minutes to prepare and is ready to eat after just 25 minutes, it was so quick that the main meal wasn't even cooked before the clusters were ready!

"Our Rocky Road clusters are mouth-watering bites of 
juicy sultanas, gooey marshmallows, crunchy biscuit, 
all smothered in a delicious chocolaty flavour coating
just added 30g of melted butter, melt the choco drops and mix in the rest of the ingredients. So simple, so tasty and so much fun" 

So the packet is opened and inside was a packet of chocolate buttons, a bag of mini marshmallows, a bag of raisins and a bag of broken biscuits. According to the destruction's, I only need to add the butter and melt it with the chocolate. Simples.  With the chocolate and the buttons melting I resist the urge to stick my fingers in and carry on making the dinner and before I know it, it's all melted nicely. All I need to do now is open the remaining packets, mix them together with the buttery chocolate liquid and make into clusters.  However I was distracted by a hungry and nosey K who had been off school ill for a week and wanted to see what was what. So the mixture was poured into my beloved silicone mould and ended up flat and whole instead of little and clustery and placed on the top shelf of the fridge out of the eager lines of sight on the prowl for food.  It managed to stay there too, totally untouched by the not so little hands of K.

 Fat and full after our Chinese New Year feast of Egg Fried Rice with Sweet & Sour we only managed a small bit each.  It tasted good. It's rocky road, it should always taste good and considering it required no real effort at all it was a lot better than I was expecting. 
My initial thoughts were positive. 
The raisins were juicy and fat, the marshmallows were squidgy and soft and the biscuit wasn't as cheap and nasty as packet mixes usually are. I found that after a while the chocolate tasted a little greasy so when I make them again I will use less butter.

It became rather sickly but I think it was due to the fact that I ate the rest of it whilst writing this! 

On the whole it was a job well done, a fab Chinese dinner and a quick and easy "no-effort" pud. 
Priced at £1.99 for a box that makes 12  it's definitely a rainy day activity for K and his little crew!
At Dr Oetker's Online Store they also stock a fantastic range of chocolatey baking essentials.  

Please remember that sweets and chocolate are nice, in moderation, be Treatwise.

More I'm A Chocolate Addict coming soon...

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