3 Feb 2011

I'm A Chocolate Addict... And PROUD OF IT!

I love chocolate, who doesn't? Right? Well, I am one of those people who eats more chocolate than anything. I am still pleasantly surprised every time I stand in front of a mirror as technicially I should really be the size of a small Continent by now. I figured I would do the reverse of most normal resolutions people make at this time of year. I'm going to celebrate my love for all things cocoa and I am about to declare to the whole of cyber space.


So you can imagine my actual squeals of joy when the parcel man arrived with a huge box of chocolatey goodness from the wonderful people at  Dr Oetker to start off my new I'm A Chocolate Addict feature.  I opened the box to find not only chocolate but chocolate related baking products too. Naturally I can't wait to get into the kitchen, but that's a whole new post!

Come back and keep reading for more posts in my new
I'm A Chocolate Addict...And PROUD OF IT! feature

I'm off to bake make some No Bake Rocky Road Clusters, 
I'll be back later!

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