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My little world is PR friendly, so am I and welcome press releases so long as they are relevant to the content of my blog.  I must point out here that if you do send me a press release I will not copy and paste it here, the whole thing will be re-written because this is my world, so it will be in MY words, not someone elses.  I am open to working directly with companies and PR representatives though  and if you would like to promote your product here then I will happily complete reviews of products, services or websites for myself, my partner (Misteright) & the kid (he's a boy, he's 12)  We also have a cat who is happy to test products he might like too!  Every product, item or service we review on this blog will be tried and tested by us and in order to provide an objective and honest review we expect to be able to keep the product or item. Once finished, the article with links and pictures included, (either provided by the marketing team or pictures taken by us) will be promoted using facebook, twitter and other social media.

We have worked with several brands in the past including 
Vimto, Kettle Chips, Dr Oetker, Goodness Direct and Glayva.

If you would like to advertise on my blog then feel free to contact me for a press and media kit which includes prices for advertising space, sponsored text links and sponsored posts but they will only be considered if the content is relevant.

As I have a love of entering competitions I am always up for hosting one for you on my blog.  I have run some competitions in the past and they are great for boosting interest in the product/your business and my blog too, it's a win/win situation.
Please feel free to Contact Me  
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