4 Feb 2011

Foodie Fun - Easy Vegetarian Egg Eried Rice with Uncle Bens Sweet and Sour for Chinese New Year

You are all probably well aware that yesterday was the start of Chinese New Year, enter the year of the rabbit.  I thought that the best way to celebrate would be by making my favourite Chinese dish, egg fried rice.  I'm not Chinese, but someone once told me I can cook egg fried rice better than my local takeaway.  It's made by me, it takes less than 15 minutes and is very quick and easy. That's right it's another amazing Dinner Winner, healthy and tasty in less than 20 minutes!

Rice 1/2 a cup per person
1 x egg per person plus one for the pan
1 x cup of frozen peas
1 bunch of spring onions
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic
1/4 chilli
Soy Sauce to taste
1 x jar of Uncle Ben's Sweet and Sour with Extra Pineapple

Cook the rice in which ever way works for you. I personally make 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water and leave the lid on for 10 minutes and it's usually soft and fluffy with some stuck to the bottom of the pan but that can't be helped!  Whilst the rice is cooking, chop the veg however you like, I tend to chop my onions as small as a pea, it looks nicer on the plate then! 

Cooking the eggs is the hardest part, to make it taste authentic you need to get it just right. I cook them one at a time so there are more eggy bits in the rice. I break the egg into a cup and break up the yolk, don't whisk it or it will lose some of the fluffy texture. Put a splash of oil into the frying pan and pour in the egg. It gets a bit Saturday Kitchen Omelette Challenge now! You have to be quick, just a minute and a half on each side and then remove from the pan to a plate and slice the egg into strips. Repeat the process leaving one egg left for the pan of rice.  

By now, the rice should be ready to mix with the other ingredients. You need a large pan, or a wok for this part.  Fry the chilli, garlic and ginger for about a minute and then add the onion and the white parts of the spring onions and cook for three minutes stirring all the time.  Add the rice and the peas then the remaining egg and stir until the egg is broken down and mixed in to the rice.  Next add the cooked egg strips and the green tops from the spring onions and leave to cook for a further 5 minutes, stirring to stop it all sticking to the pan as needed. Try not to stir too much or your rice will end up mushy.  Whilst the egg is cooking into the rice, open a jar of Uncle Ben's Sweet and Sour Sauce with Extra Pineapple and warm thoroughly in a pan. Then it's ready to serve...

I like my egg fried rice piled up high like a mountain and then the Sweet and Sour sauce over it, think volcano but tastier!  Serve it how you like, it all goes down the same. We eat ours with a bag full of prawn crackers from the local takeaway but they were closed last night so we made do with a bag from Tesco!

Uncle Ben's Sweet and Sour Sauce with Extra Pineapple is a great way to have an authentic tasting sweet and sour without the effort of creating it from scratch. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook but there are some things I can never get right and sweet and sour is one of them. You can purchase Uncle Ben's Sauces from all good supermarkets and is usually priced about £1.70 a jar  but is currently on offer for Chinese New Year in both Tesco and Sainsburys.  For more information on Uncle Ben's products visit their website at

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