5 Feb 2011

The Tween Aged Heartbreak Disaster.

Oh, it's been another one of those days.  We went out last night for curry at a friends house. Good curry, good company and good chocolate mousse cake (see my previous post) and a very sleepy K by the time we arrived home just before 1am.  There was no way he was getting up to go and watch our "other" child play football and K and I both slept in.  When I woke up I had the most terrible migraine kind of pain in my head so I took a paracetamol and had a bath.  The head got worse and I couldn't have been hung over as I only drank 2 small glasses of wine. Sleep was the only answer but the phone would not stop ringing and K had to do his Saturday chores, yes, that's right, he had to do the hoovering.  He wants pocket money, then he has to earn it! 

By this time I was a quivering wreck on the sofa and my head felt like it was about to implode at any second.  To top it all off all the milk had gone so there was no chance of a cup of tea, my day was getting worse! I went to sleep on the sofa and woke up just as it was getting dark. Great, there went my Saturday!  Then M, our "other" child arrives for tea/sleepover just as Mr Wright is in the middle of a business meeting in the front room.  She's so full of beans that she bounds through the door demanding a "huggie" when she's like that I sometimes forget that she is actually 10 and not a teenager, like she has been known to lead people to believe.  


She has a new boyfriend. 
I smell tween aged heart breaking disaster. 

The new boyfriend thing did not go down well with K, he is very protective over her and was a little bit jealous/put out that he would not be number one anymore.  He cried, bless him. Not the kind of whiny cry he does when he can't have his own way, this was heart broken sobbing for the first time.  By this time, M is in the kitchen with me helping make the dinner and Misteright is upstairs trying to console K the best he can. I suppose having your 10 year old heart broken for the first time must be hard. I did feel so sorry for him.  When K finally calmed down he came downstairs complete with tear stained face, flushed cheeks and blood shot eyes from crying. He said he was sorry to M for being jealous and said that even though she had a new boyfriend they were best friends and he wasn't going to let anyone get in the way of that. It was pretty cute to watch.  Then they hugged and had dinner. They are now upstairs watching DVDs and playing XBOX and the trauma seems to have subsided.  Thankfully, so has my headache!
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