26 Aug 2013

Hire, Buy or Borrow?

We're still desperately decorating our whole home, yes...STILL!  I mean if I'm truly honest, we've not done very much more at all with it being school holidays! We've been looking into hiring the items we need or buying them outright.  I've discovered a new website called Hire Jungle that allows you to hire the stuff you need and hire out the stuff you don't!  It's like online shopping but you have to give it back.  It's really rather clever, you just tell the website where you live and what you're looking to hire. I was quite impressed at how simple the concept is. Why had someone not thought of this sooner?  There are a wide range of items available are hire ranging from garden furniture and barbecue equipment to cement mixers and other building tools.  The location and price of each item is available by clicking on the classified advert within the site.  The layout is easy to navigate and I am yet to find an item that we could use that isn't listed!  Actually I'm rather impressed with some of the other peoples junk that we can hire out. I am considering hiring out a few unused items that we have a laying around in our home  and the best part of it is that it is completely free to post an ad and there is Zero commission.  It's a win/win situation really, getting paid for renting out your unused stuff! I know I'm meant to be searching for decorating equipment but a huge tent that is available to hire out would be perfect for a festival next year.  The blog at hire jungle is filled with great hints and tips for DIY too. Even if you're not hiring from a user or hiring something out yourself, there are some great tips and advice available.

The design of the website is similar to a few online advert sites, it's simple, everything you're looking for is there and visible straight away with no hassle of searching the site to find what you want.  Hire Jungle also boasts a 24/7 help desk to assist you with anything you may need.   Hire Jungle is also only available to people in the UK and offers Geo-location to find products and services in the areas closest to you. Adverts even have the ability to contain video so you can see the product working/assembled and give you a better idea of exactly what you're hiring.  The FAQ section gives you all the information you could need too, it even gives warnings about online scams and payments in detail to help put your mind at rest.  

I'm getting on at Misteright to find unused stuff in his garage already! I've got a list of things I can hire out already!  It's better to earn money from something you don't use instead of earning some hoover dust.  Misteright is getting on at me to finish my research on hiring items Vs buying them new and after looking at Hire Jungle, I think we will be hiring some things and buying some new.  

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