18 Aug 2013

Guest Post - Lego Cupcakes From Super Busy Mum

OK, so I'm supposed to be at work but I've had to come home early due to suffering another bout of Labyrinthitis - I've got a lovely guest post from Debs over at Super Busy Mum to keep you entertained until I feel better. It's a fab recipe and I'm going to be making some for my friends kids very soon!

We are a big family that loves to get messy & bake in the kitchen. We've always something sweet & delicious that's been mixed and baked by little hands and made with love. 
Recently we made something new, not our usual rice krispie buns or mint aero cheesecake {which is to DIE for by the way!} but we made Lego men cupcakes! 

I sort of cheated on this one and bought in some madeira cupcakes, because, I'll confess...I had zero time to bake my own recently so I figured I'd cut a cheeky corner. So here's what you'll need to make your own Lego men cupcakes:-

- Cupcakes {either baked at home or store bought}
- Royal icing
- Yellow food paste colouring
- Marshmallows
- Yellow smarties {we just bought 2 tubes and picked out enough yellow smarties for our lego men}
- Black icing pen

First of all I got my cupcakes, took a knife and cut off the tops. Giving a nice even surface for our marshmallows to be perched on later!
As those where done I hired my beautiful daughter Ellie to whip me up some deliciously bright, yellow icing. She's a champion stirring is my daughter!
Now you get your marshmallows...and this is the super duper messy part! You dunk them into the fondant until they are completely covered. Put them all on a plate, and pop them in the fridge for around 30 minutes to let the icing harden. 
Once they are ready, take them out and they are ready to have their little lego heads assembled. 
Once the iced marshmallows had set it was time to make them into our little lego men! We iced our cupcakes and then placed a marshmallow on top of each cupcake.
We then picked out all of our yellow smarties, dipped them in the leftover icing and popped them on top of the marshmallows. Making them look like little heads of lego men!
Next we took our black icing pen and had lots of fun drawing on their little faces! My daughter especially so...her tongue was out in concentration and everything.
So there you have it. A quick and cute little baking tutorial for you to make your very own little Lego men cupcakes! I think these are super cute & they tasted great!

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