2 Aug 2013

"Before I Kick The Bucket" - My Budget Bucket List

Everyone has a list of things to do before they kick the bucket.  Mine isn't exceptional, it doesn't contain a shed load of unbelievable activities that I'm never going to do, it's just a few simple things I'd love to have done before I pop my clogs and take my mortal self from this earth and enter the realms of whatever happens next! So, since I was asked by the lovely Lucie over at Our World and Autism to take part in this challenge too I thought now was as good time as any to write this down!  I have some budget items and a couple that would cost a small fortune but I included them anyway, I thought it would be more fun like that!

My extravagant bucket list item is a round the World trip, I'd love to stop off on a few continents and do some really cool stuff!  These places would definitely be included in the trip! This trip could be possible if I won the lottery, or a horse came in with ridiculous odds, or I had an ITV call... but sadly, I don't have THAT much spare cash just laying around yet!
Miami Beach Sunrise - image credit

I'd love to watch the sunrise on Miami Beach. I tried to do it when we were last in Miami but I didn't manage to wake up early enough, next time...I'll have to stay up all night and then sleep later!

Vineyard in Germany - image credit - The Tech-House

I'd love to go to a vineyard and make wine by squishing the grapes with my feet! I love stamping on things, it's so therapeutic and I love good wine, this would be much fun! This could be costly, although, Misteright has some friends who own a vineyard in Germany so it wouldn't cost as much for accommodation!

Surfing at Bondi Beach - image credit -
I would absolutely LOVE to go surfing at Bondi Beach  It's not the kind of family thing I was wanting to do, more a when the boy leaves home, I'm going with Misteright, WE ARE GOING SURFING! Since flying to the other side of the world takes an age, I'd feel obliged to stay there for a few weeks too! We have a friend who now lives in Oz and her pictures are amazing. I want to see the whole place before we leave...I'm thinking ROAD TRIP!

I want to have a private beach picnic on a secluded beach somewhere with my Misteright. I don't care where this beach is, so long as it has no one else on it and not many people know it's there!  I mean preferably on a private Island somewhere, maybe Necker Island, but that whole Island is owned by Sir Richard Branson and I don't know him personally or know if he would lend us it for a day or two.  We'd even camp on the beach and sleep under the stars. This is the kind of stuff my dreams are made of, and most of them involve hot, sunny, amazingly beautiful beaches! If money was unlimited then I would do this first!
Prickly Pear Island overlooking Gun Creek - image credit - The Tech-House

Hello! - image credit -
I'm a friendly kind of girl, I love talking to people.  Since I was a child I have always been interested in how people greet each other and so I like to learn to say Hello in different languages. Before I kick it, I'd like to be able to greet anyone no matter what language they speak! So far, I can say hello in 11 different languages, admittedly, I need to brush up on the pronunciation but I try! This would be a great addition to my round the world trip. It would be EPIC to talk to people in each country we visited. Hello is a universal greeting but it's how you say it that counts!

Before I kick, I'd love to do an underwear shoot for a magazine that's actually published!  Not because I want the world to see me half naked but because I think it would be brilliant fun!  This wouldn't cost much, in fact they would probably pay me to do it! So I guess, it'd be free!  That would be EPIC, I could make money and cross something that is actually achievable off my list AND if someone is gonna pay me to do it then I can use the cash towards our round the world trip!

So these are the things I want to do before I kick it and this is my entry into the Budget Bucket List Competition hosted by Money Supermarket.  I'm tagging Kaye at The Brink of BedlamJo at Given to Distracting Others & Jane at Compers Grapevine if they want to take part, they could win an amazing cash prize!
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