23 Jul 2013

Retail Royalty Challenge for Post Pals

Post Pals is a fabulous charity that sends post to sick kids to help bring a smile to their faces. I've been sending a bit and a bob when I can to some of the pals and so when I heard that MoneySupermarket were challenging bloggers to give the most help to a charity with just £30, my Super Savvy Side came out and I had to take part!

 Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

I wanted to use a company that did gifting so I could save on postage, meaning I had extra money to help other pals, I chose Amazon combined with the Amazon Discount finder on MSE which meant I was able to find sale items on Amazon by category instead of browsing for hours! I set myself a target of helping 10 pals, simple!  I headed over to the Post Pals website to pick some pals, I chose the 6 featured pals and another 4 random ones and made a list of the things they liked and set about my search.

For Lewis J I bought Spooky Goings On LIVE DVD by The Chuckle Brothers, he really likes them and the DVD was only £2.99 with free super saver delivery so I had it gift shipped straight to his Post Pals address and sent a personalised note to let him know who I was and how glad I was to be able to make him smile.

Robyn H likes baking and decorating cupcakes so I bought the Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook of 200 Cupcakes, it was marked as 40% off so I saved £2 on the RRP when I paid £2.99 for the book, I actually own this book and it cost me £5! This was free super saver delivery too, I am so glad I did the challenge with super saver delivery to the recipients address as I have been able to help 10 pals instead of 6

Like every little girl, Caitlin S likes Princesses so when I saw the book "You Can't Eat A Princess" I knew that would be a perfect gift for her!  This book was also marked as a sale item with the RRP of £6.99 and currently 46% off making it just £3.80 with free delivery again! Being able to make more kids smile instead of less has really brightened my evening during the thunderstorm where there was no rain!

Aiden D adores The Wiggles so I found the Racing To The Rainbow DVD which had a very bright cover and has 23 wiggletastic songs on it!  This item wasn't on sale but it did again have free delivery so I was still making a saving. I was happy with that.

Sophie R likes to draw, colour and doodle and with a 61% discount, I had to buy her the Usborne book of Drawing, Doodling and Colouring Book (Art Ideas) The cover looks amazing and made me want to doodle and it should have been £9.99 but with Martin Lewis' clever discount finder I found a copy for only £3.89 and it will bring hours of fun, some amazing doodles and a smile, it's a win/win

Tie D is a Moshi Monsters fan and I found this cool sticker book on sale for only £2.50 with £1.49 off the RRP and yes, you guessed it! Free super saver delivery! The sticker book also included a free virtual gift for Tie's Moshi Monster. He will be pleased!  

Mickey Mouse is one of the favourite things of Post Pal Aaron F.  I chose Mickey Mouse Club House DVD called Storybook Surprises.  The DVD was only £3 and yes, super saver delivery again! I'm quite good at this aren't I?!  Mickey was a favourite of the boy when he was younger. You can never go wrong with Disney!

Adam W loves Toy Story, so do I, Tim Allen is genius as Buzz Lightyear, infact I'd go as far as to say that Buzz Lightyear is my favourite character from the films! Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - The Adventure Begins is a DVD all about Buzz, I needed that for Adam. I think he will love it!  The other pal that benefited from this item also having free super saver delivery will be pleased too!

Gangsta Granny is a book highly recommended by the boy, he said it's funny and most boys his age would like it and laugh lots.  Aaron H likes jokey books and things that make him laugh, the boy insisted we needed to get this as Aaron is of a similar age to him and likes similar stuff.  The book was on sale reduced from £6.99 to £3.85 that's 45% off the RRP and it had free super saver delivery as well, no surprise there then!

My budget was almost up I had enough for a stamp, but I have a cupboard of unwanted prizes that I keep back for birthdays, Chrimbletide and occasions like this!  I had a look through all of the pick a pal pages and read them all carefully, I decided that I was going to send a £10 cineworld gift card to Dominic B and his siblings, they could use it towards a family day out to see a superhero film, I bet there will be some good ones on over the school holidays! I was going to take the boy but I think this is a prize that can be better used elsewhere.  I just like warm and fuzzies, plus I always fall asleep at the cinema anyway!

So that was it, I spent a grand total of £29.61 and managed to help 9 kids and one family smile, I created 13 smiles for Post Pals in total and had some great fun bargain hunting, it was a bit like Christmas shopping for a secret Santa - but for a far better cause!  Karma must be rewarding me anyway because as I have been typing this post up, I have got a promotional credit for my next order at Amazon.  See, it pays to give instead of receive all the time and I have truly been glad to help.  I hope people will read this and see what little they can give to put a HUGE smile on the face of an ill child. Go on, get yourself some warm and fuzzies today!

This is my entry into the #RetailRoyalty challenge and I was able to help create 13 smiles with £30 I was sent from MoneySupermarket to buy the gifts I sent in this challenge.  
Thanks MoneySupermarket - YOUR SO EPIC!

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Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

Wow what an amazing haul you managed to come up, I bet there will be a lot of smiling kids soon - loved this challenge :) .

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