22 Jul 2013

Hairy, Smooth, Razor, Waxing

I love Summer! It means the flip flops and strappy flats can come out of hibernation. The factor 50 gets slapped on, the leggings, jeans and long trousers are relegated to the winter suitcase in the loft and the legs come out! The only thing that bugs me is hair. Armpit hair, bikini hair and most of all, that dreaded leg hair! I don't want hairy, I want smooth but without the hassle of remembering to shave and the pain of my home waxing kit.  I got really sunburned at Waddington Air Show a few weeks ago and it’s still peeling so I don’t want to shave or wax, I need a solution, fast! I’ve been seriously thinking about LaserHair Removal as an option. I mean it sounds painless and safe enough and it would totally remove the need for razors, waxing and hairy-ness all in one go.  A few quick zaps and the hair would be gone and I wouldn’t have to think about shaving hairy bits or the yelping of waxing for a very long time as after 8 months of treatments each 6 weeks I’d be done – smooth operator! I like the sound of that.  I could ditch the razors, the shaving gel, the waxing kit, the cotton strips and all the other stuff that I need to keep myself looking smooth and lovely instead of looking like a hairy gorilla.  It’s not a good look for the Summer wardrobe.  The hairy gorilla is reserved especially for keeping warm in Winter and staying put underneath long sleeves and long trousers.  All you girls out there know what I mean!

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