10 Jul 2013

Summer Wish List from Crew Clothing and Fashion Perks

I'm having a whole new wardrobe makeover since discovering the Dressing Your Truth course by the amazing Carol Tuttle.  It's genius. I'm a dominant type 3 with a secondary type 1 and I know what clothes I look and feel good in and am slowly transforming my whole wardrobe to fit with this program.  It works, I do feel much more confident in clothes that better fit my type rather than what a magazine says is trendy. I've reprogrammed my brain not to think like that anymore!  I'm finding it really easy to put together outfits now that actually look really good, it's quite exciting...

So here is a lovely outfit from Crew Clothing and if you're feeling savvy, 
check out Fashion Perks for a discount before you buy.

The Ballater Jeans are midrise and a bit skinny which are just my style, Stripey Flip Flops (I LOVE FLIP FLOPS!), the staple vest top in white for daytime comfort, the purple cardigan in case I get chilly and to top it off the lovely big brown handbag for all my kitchen sinkness!

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