2 Aug 2013

The Kitchen Saga

We need a new kitchen. It's been on the cards for a while now. The worktop that holds the sink up is falling in. I can stick my arm down the gap no problem! There are bits of wallpaper falling off the ceiling because the clever person who lived here before we did decided that textured wallpaper on the ceiling in a hot kitchen would be so much better than artex! It's not that my kitchen is a nightmare, it's huge and the layout is amazing, it's just my appliances that are starting getting a bit tired and certain parts are starting to fail.  It's a mish mash of old appliances and new plates, pots and pans. 

My fridge freezer is my most used and unloved appliance.  It doesn't drain properly when it's full and it doesn't drain at all when it's empty.  I have to spend at least 15 minutes each day swishing the water puddle out of the bottom and into a bucket.  I used to clean the plunger and drain with a bicarb and vinegar paste.  That always fizzed the blockage out instantly.  This stopped working about three weeks ago and now I'm seriously considering purchasing a new one.  It's hard work making a decision though and combined with the fact that I have always had a hand-me-down fridge from someone is giving me a headache. I don't know which one to pick. I just want a fridge that works; one that doesn't growl and grumble when it's full.  It needs to do it's job and look nice in its place. I do know one thing; I want an American Fridge Freezer, preferably one with an ice dispenser on the front! I'd love it to have double doors too.  It's like a small bit of new kitchen luxury. I'm really craving that at the moment! I won £150 of shopping vouchers last week and my fridge and freezer are both busting a gut.  It sounds pitiful to hear it moaning and groaning every time I open the door. I suppose it just boils down to the fact that my kitchen is the most imperfect room in my home. I love the space but I don't love what it's filled with.

One day, my kitchen saga will be over. I will have an amazing new and lovely kitchen with shiny new appliances and loads of new cooking equipment. I just want to spend my life in the kitchen with my iPad, listening to music and cooking lovely food! Until then, it's just me, my sinking kitchen sink and the whirring of the broken fridge!

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