28 Jan 2012

Right Then, That's Enough Of That!

I'm back! Did you miss me?  I've missed writing but over the last few months I genuinely have had nothing to say.  My mojo was lost and so was my love of writing temporarily.  It's back now, as is my positivity and my general happy smiley outlook on my little shitstorm that has been life.  Shitstorm isn't over yet, it's just I can look at it in a better way now and I have lots of exciting new things in the pipeline so I am genuinely excited for a change!

I feel as though 2012 is going to be amazing, it has been so far and getting back into blogging is just a small tip of a ginormous iceberg for me this year!  I have set myself some amazing goals and challenges which I will be sharing here with you all in my own "special" way! I do have a brighter and better outlook on life and I owe it mostly to the picture in the last post! That one thing has changed me more than you could ever know, so here I am again, back, better, bigger and bolder (if I could be any bolder!) I feel stronger and a lot more equipped to deal with the many obstacles that have been overcome over the last few months, they aren't all done with yet, but they will be soon and then that will be the end of that!  In the mean time, that was then and this is now so that is enough of that, thank you!
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