16 Nov 2011

It's OK, I'm Still Here...(Just!)

So it has been a bad few weeks all round in our house.  Life got in the way and I neglected you all again.  I thought I should write a quick post to let you know that someone stole my mojo and I may not be about as much until it returns.  I just don't feel like I can share this with you all, sometimes it's maybe not so good to be a non-anon!  It will all be OK though and I am still here, even if it's not as much as I would like to be and in spite of me having nothing much to say.  On the bright side (because I'm optimistic!) I do have a new job, it's funny hours, but it's working in a call centre talking to people all day! I don't really have anything else to report but I do have this picture to share with you because I know in my heart that no matter how shit things may seem, with a little positivity and a smile, you can do AMAZING things, trust me, so far it's been working!

Stay happy and smile! I guess I'll be back some time soon.

To Be Continued...
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