31 Oct 2011

Halloween Treats - A Round Up!

Happy Halloween, Sam Hain, what ever you want to call it, it's the time of year for dressing scarily and getting loads of sweets and chocolates!  I have been inundated with some lovely candy and chocolate treats this last week and I haven't really felt like writing much with everything that is going on at the moment, plus I don't want to bore you all with hundreds of reviews so here is a round up of our favourite treats for Halloween.  This round up has been written by me but K & friends  have helped out with taste testing to help stop all of our teeth falling out!  Sweets, treats and chocolates are fine in moderation so please do remember to be treat wise and enjoy your treats responsibly, especially at this time of year or your and the kids will end up with no teeth or a mouthful of fillings.

The Cadbury Screme Egg  has to be one of my favourite treats at this time of year, yes I am one of those saddos who gets upset at a lack of creme egginess a few weeks after Easter and the fact that they are now around in honour of my favourite almost holiday is cool!  It's totally the same as a Creme egg but it is far scarier!  The yellow yolk has been replaced with green gunk and they still manage to taste amazing, really there is nothing to be scared of.  Well, maybe just the thought of it being over in only 2 mouthfuls!  Just so you know, I eat mine in 2 bites, top off, lick out the middle and chocolate gone! Devilishly good!  

Mega Mouth Candy Spray was a little unusual and not really like a sweet at all, you didn't eat it!  It's s spray for your mouth, not sure how good it was for the teeth but K really enjoyed it he said it tasted nice but it did make him feel hungry after a while as he wasn't actually eating sweets.  Great for sweets on the go as there is no unwrapping and not much rubbish.  Highly recommended for car journeys :-)

We love the Fabulous Bakin' Boys and are rather partial to their Cupcakes and their Limited Edition Spooky Cupcakes are just as good.We tested the blackcurrant and apple flavour, they were really quite delish but the icing was rather sickly, great for a Halloween party and they are made with natural colours and flavours so you won't have kids on E number highs soon after consumption! We especially loved the little chunks of apple in the cake mixture.  It's spooking ace!

 Swizzles Matlow made some of my favourite sweets and I was rather surprised to find that they are all still available, to be honest, I've not seen a packet of Parma Violets in years!  Loads of people think they tasted like soap but I loved them!  They came inside the Scary Mix bag along with other childhood faves such as Love Hearts and Drumstick Lollies not to mention fizzers! I was fortunate enough to steal a few of my favourites before handing both the Chew Crew and the Scary Mix over to K and his mob of friends who were playing XBOX at the time.  

The Chew Crew bag contained small sized bars of  Refreshers and Banana Skids along with Drumstick Lollies, Snap & Crackle Chews, Mr Chew and Toff-eees and Fudg-eees.  They went down a storm with K, Fast Fish, Fetty Feet and L-P who between them managed to get each and every lolly stick stuck onto the floor.  I'm telling you all, even with a bin, these boys could still manage to sticky up anything!  The only problem I had was the general stickiness of the chews and lollies when they got to room temperature so I will keep them in the fridge next time!
 So if you're going Trick or Treating tonight, they are my sweets to watch out for!  If you're not, then tomorrow they will be reduced price and you can stock up and gorge yourselves silly another time!  So watch out for them anyway!  All of the items in this feature are available at all good supermarkets for a limited time so be quick or you'll not be treated!
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