28 Oct 2011

Screw You Cancer

I know I haven't posted much this week but it hasn't been a very good one.  I don't often write about other people here as this is my space, but this week we lost another friend to cancer a day before one of our friends would have turned 54 if he had not been stolen from us too.  Cancer, you suck.  She wasn't even as old as me and leaves behind a heart-broken husband and a son who isn't even as old as K.  I'm not writing this so you can all feel sorry for me, or the family involved if you know them.  I am writing this to make sure this dreadful and life-stealing disease doesn't stand as much of a chance.  A smear test could save your life, it only takes a few minutes.  It might be embarrassing or uncomfortable for you whilst the nurse prods and pokes with long cotton buds inside your un-mentionable but it really does take just a minute and I am sure that the nurse feels worse about it than you do, not to mention that they have done the same undesirable job millions of times before you have spread your legs on the bed.  It's not so bad for you boys, just get your WAGs to have a check for you and if it's not right, please do something about it!  The Doctor won't bite it off and the hot female nurse really doesn't care if it goes a bit hard!  Chances are it will be floppy as you are!

Cancer destroys peoples lives, it destroys the life of the carrier, it destroys the lives of the people who get left behind.  The husbands and wives, the sons, the daughters, the parents, the family and the friends.  I am not asking much just that next time you see a donation box for a cancer charity please put in a few pence, you never know how many people you are close to will be effected.  In this last 12 months, we have lost two wonderful and irreplaceable people to this horrid illness and to sit by and watch someone suffer in that way is wrong.  If you can't spare a few pence then maybe join in a sponsored event such as Race for Life or wear a yellow daffodil, do what you can to help find a cure or something, anything that can stop or halt this.  It's our future and it's our world and we all know someone, or know of someone who is affected by cancer and how much it cripples and how much it takes away until there is nothing physically left.  That is rough and there should be something the world can do to help but at the moment all we can do is keep on giving.  Giving to the charities that try and find a cure, giving to the hospices that aid and support these people and their brave and inspirational families when it comes to dealing with what can only be described as a living nightmare and assist these places in the good that they do and the dreams they can make happen at the drop of a hat.  Without these people more lives would be destroyed too.  Give support to the people that you know will need it as they are the people left with the traumatic aftermath, not that the bit that happened first wasn't traumatic enough or anything.  Please, just do what you can.

This post was written in loving memory of two people we lost this year who should still be here

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