25 Oct 2011

Monster Fun with Moshi Monster Clay Buddies

I'd never heard of a Moshi Monster but the kids knew just what I meant when I told them they had been sent a new toy to review!  Moshi Monster Clay Buddies are the new pocket money collectibles from E-max and they combine the super cool characters with fun and creative plasticine and cardboard body parts!  So you create your very own Moshi Monster!  It's just like kids pocket money fun USED to be!  Each pack costs £2.99 and comes with 2 Moshi features cards, 3 rolls of plasticine and your very own adoption book with information about your new Moshi buddy. K & M were sent a packet each for the purpose of this review.  They were very, very impressed and it kept them both quiet and squabble free for about an hour then they both reappeared with their new buddies...

This is K's creation, this is what he said - I enjoyed making my Moshi Monster, it was good fun, I like the way it comes with the cardboard bits so you can build it up to give it some scenery. I think that was a clever idea.  The modelling part was easy, Mum gave us a tray to roll it out on though so it didn't stick on the carpet, that's a prime way to get in trouble.  I also like the way it comes with some instructions, but I suppose if you don't want to follow them, you don't have to!  I would play with one of these again, it was good.

M said - this is great, I really enjoyed it, I like making things so it was good. I liked the certificate in the pack and the instructions were easy to follow.  I'd like to collect them all and put them on my windowsill with the other stuff I make with K.  I'd like some for Christmas for something to do when I get bored.  It's not for really little kids though, they might it the clay stuff or get it everywhere. 
M was so impressed that she has indeed given her model & K's pride of plae on the bookcase!  They would not last on the windowsill, Oakenfold would have knocoked them off!
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