24 Oct 2011

Seafood And Eat It!

Misteright and I have very different taste when it comes to food.  I love rice and pasta dishes and he loves meat and two veg.  I was a vegetarian for years and I only eat meat now as it became habit after craving sausage rolls whilst pregnant with K.  I needed that meat in my diet otherwise their would have been no craving so it stuck and I eat meat a couple of times a week now.  One thing I am not too keen on is seafood, I like fish, from the chippy and in a kedgeree or a prawn cocktail at Chrimbletide but anything other than that is a no-no for me but when I saw that Lyons Seafood Co were looking for some reviewers for their new Asian Inspired range I knew I could get some brownie points with Misteright and he would give an excellent critique as he is VERY fussy about his seafood.  We recieved three different flavours of the new range and Misteright shared them with Our Kid* - Jammin' but I cooked them whilst they watched and drank ale. Our Kid is a chef so when he comes over I do tend to feed him!  He loves seafood too, it takes them both back to the days of working on ships and yachts as young(er) people.

The Malaysian King Prawn Laksa was the first dish, it was very simple to cook and it took six minutes from start to finish!  It could be served with rice, noodles or chips, either would work well as the sauce was a perfect consistency.  Here is what they thought...
It has a very authentic taste and a good ratio of fish to vegetables, it tastes almost like a satay sauce or a spicy korma.  The simplicity of it has inspired me to create something like that on my own and we both think it was well worth the RRP of £3.99.  Overall we think that this dish is worthy of a nifty nine out of ten.

Thai Sweet Chilli with King Prawn was second up, again, it was super easy to make and could be eaten with rice or noodles. This dish could again be prepared in six minutes!  It was spicier than Misteright expected it to be and was at his spice limit (he is a bit of a wuss though) Our Kid said it reminded him of Thailand and that it was lovely, he really enjoyed it.  Misteright said it was nice, just a little bit too hot for him, he really enjoyed the mix of vegetables, they worked well together.  Overall the men said this dish gets an overall eight out of ten.

The Catalan Fish Stew was the final dish of the Seafood and Eat It session!  Misteright and Our Kid are both very fond of squid which was their favourite ingredient, I had never cooked squid before but they both assured me that the instructions on the packet were apparently fool-proof as it tasted delicious.  Five minutes from start to finish is something anyone can do!  Misteright said that the squid was good quality, as were the mussels and chunks of cod.  Considering it was from a packet it was better than he thought it would be.  The sauce could have been thicker but it was mostly soaked up by the huge crusty bread they ate with it!  Misteright said that the butter beans did not fit with the dish at all and that was a shame.  Overall this Mediterranean inspired dish gets a seven out of ten.

So it was safe to say that both Misteright and Our Kid were very impressed with this new range of ready meals from Lyons Seafood Co and  it will be something that gets bought in future for a nice fishy treat for Misteright when he needs a seafood fix!  You can find out more information about Lyons Seafood by visiting their website or asking them on twitter

*Our Kid is not actually our kid he is our little brother.
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