18 Oct 2011

Spooky Puffs - Frightfully Delightful!

You thought it was safe to eat your breakfast?  Muhaahaha! Think again!  This new terrifyingly tasty cereal Spooky Puffs from the Honey Monster are making a special appearance for the second year just in time for Trick or Treating!  The kids will think these are an amazing treat!

Sugar Puffs have gone all Spooky for Halloween with their delicious toffee apple flavour making a come back.  This limited edition cereal contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are a great source of fibre.  This is the third Limited Edition this year from Honey Monster Foods as they have already given us Honeycomb Puffs and Strawberry Puffs! 

When it comes to cereal, especially novelty ones you have to be fast so I made sure I tested some before the kids got anywhere near them!  They taste delicious.  Toffee and apple and nothing like the taste of normal Sugar Puffs at all.  I'm not too keen on the original flavour so these were a welcome change.  K thought that they tasted good and he said the taste was better with milk on them.  Apparently they were yummier that way. He said "The apple flavour is a bit stronger when I put the milk on, I like apples so that was the best bit!"  K's friend Fastius also tried some.  He's a really fussy eater but he managed half a bowl, he said "I like them. They taste good, I don't like normal sugar puffs but these are OK I suppose.  He likes toffee apples so at least he ate some!  Misteright doesn't eat cereal at all but he tried a handful of Spooky Puffs and he did say that the combination of flavour was a tasty one!  I was glad that they were enjoyed as cereal is a bit of a dodgy subject in our house! 

 So, the end result was that Spooky Puffs are scarily delicious, they were gone in a flash!  We didn't even get to make the scary spider cakes from the back of the packet as there were none left.  I was secretly disappointed because making them meant that I would get to have some licorice laces :S Never mind, I'll have to buy some more before they disappear for good!  Spooky Puffs are currently available at most Tesco and Asda stores.  You can also keep up to date with the latest info from Honey monster foods by visiting their website
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