11 Oct 2011

Penn State Snacks Gammon & Mustard Christmas Pretzels!

I do quite like pretzels, plain ones, chocolate salted ones, all kinds of sweet and savoury flavours are available to give another unique twist to such a plain and simple snack.  Pretzels are great but they tend to be forgotten over the Chrimbletide period as they don't really have any sort of Christmassy flavours, until now...

This Chrimbletide you can expect to see the amazing new flavour pretzels from Penn State Snacks - Gammon and Mustard!  Baked and not fried, they still only 131 calories per 30 gram serving, making them a great low fat full flavour snack that provides a healthier alternative to crisps. They are limited edition though so buy some and try them now before they are gone.  Gammon and Mustard is my favourite sandwich on Boxing Day and the name to popular pub grub I was rather excited to try these.  We tasted them and this is what we think...

I wasn't too sure at first, the mustard flavour was very intense and overpowered the gammon flavour.  It was tasty but very strong.  The further we progressed down the bag the flavour seemed to settle down and even itself out a lot.  With hindsight I should maybe have shaken the bag before I opened them!  Strawberry tried some too, she would like to say that they did not have enough coating but she can imagine that there will be more the further down the bag, and there was!  Strawberry said that the seasoning was just gorgeous once the flavour had evened itself out.  Misteright thought that they were nice, that was the only input he had on the pretzels.  I'm not sure if he was keen on them or not!  I came to the conclusion that they were pretty average, I'm still not sure if I like them or not even if everyone else did.  Maybe I will get a packet and try them again just to have a final opinion, I don't like sitting on the fence on things.

New Gammon and Mustard flavour are packaged in fun, fresh, share-size snack packs with each 175g bag retailing at £1.29 and available to buy in Waitrose and Asda over the festive period.  
If you're into comping then check out their Christmas Release The Flavour Competition where you could win a gold pretzel necklace head over to to enter.  You can also join the Penn State Snacks page on Facebook for up to date info about their range of snacks. 
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