8 Oct 2011

Fit To Eat With Fit Wash

Something that we don't always think about is how our fruit and veg have been handled by many people before they have ended up in your mouth.  Many items have been sprayed with a preservative of some sort unless you have picked them out of our own garden or allotment plot, large scale growers do this to give the produce a longer shelf life.  Even if you grow something yourself on your allotment or in your own garden nature is not always the cleanest place! Water doesn't remove all of these things, when you think about it, it's the same as washing your hands with out soap.  That is quite a vile thought when you think about it.  The events with contaminated produce over the Summer which included spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, and more, have made the world more aware of the need for cleaner produce.  Something more needed to be done when not only the consumers, but also the food service operators, industrial processors, and even government regulators!   To combat this their is a product called Fit Wash which gets rid of all nasties on your fruit and veg with a quick spray and then wash it off and it's as good as it was intended to be!

Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash is 100% Natural, and removes 98% more pesticides, waxes, people-handling residues, and other contaminants vs. washing with water alone. And Fit rinses away clean, leaving no aftertaste or smell…just the taste and nutrition that nature intended. This amazing spray is also certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, certified vegan, and recommended by the American Vegetarian Association. Fit is also endorsed by the Metabolic Code Diet™ and recommended by Laura LaValle, Registered Dietitian and Chief Clinical Nutritionist for the LaValle Metabolic Institute.

So you rinse the product, spay on some fit Wash, rub it over the produce with your hands and then wash it off again.  Clean! So we tested it and this is what we think...

I felt that it would be best to test this product on an apple so I got one from the whoopsies basket in my local Sainsburys local, it had a sticker on it which also left residue when it was removed, perfect! So I wet the apple under the tap and sprayed on the Fit Wash.  I rubbed the apple in my hands until it was completely coasted with the spray.  Then I washed it all off and to my amazement, the sticker residue was gone and the apple looked brilliantly shine, in fact I have never seen an apple be that shiny, not even fresh from a tree.  The smell was just how apples should smell, fresh and clean.  I really could taste the difference.   You can find out more about Fit Wash by visiting their website where you can purchase Fit Wash in a handy 350ml spray for just £4.49.

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