7 Oct 2011

Fab Friday!

I woke up today feeling brilliant, full of life and ready to go.  Yesterday was a bad day, the factory job is just making me feels so bad about things at the moment, like they are not bad enough anyway. (long story but the t'interweb is not the place!)  I did, however manage to finally list a vintage vinyl clock for sale in my Folksy Shop - Crafty Stuff from Miss Mamo's World.  You must remember my amazing Vintage Vinyl Clocks that I featured in Handmade Thursday as part of sharing with the world for my blogoversary!

So I can cross something off my list of things to do in 2011 even though there is not long left of it now!.  If you would like to buy any of my crafty stuff then please visit my Folksy Shop - Crafty Stuff from Miss Mamo's World where I am adding stuff right now!

Update - after 10pm and a bottle of celebratory cider...
So my day went on to be the greatest day in a very long time and you can't imagine.  I won the best prize EVER! I'll not say any more but pictures will follow!
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