10 Oct 2011

Animal Planet Magazine - A Review By K

K was recently invited to review the Animal Planet Magazine, he loves animals and is always curious to find out more about them so he obviously jumped at the chance.  He wanted to write this himself but I said this is my space to write but you can tell me what to put!  So this is being dictated to me by K, he is 10 so please don't expect a miracle :)

I like the magazine, it has a very catchy front cover that makes me want to see what's inside.  It had a free explorers kit on the front that comes in a portable tin.  I like that, it's good.  It means I can put it in my pocket and go explore.  There were loads of cool things to read with lots of information about stuff I didn't know.  I liked the how to draw a parrot bit and I have learned how to make a bird feeder, it's not very good so you can't see it.  The games in the mag were fun too, some were really easy but I didn't like the word search not having a list of words to find.  I would have liked so read some more things about extinct animals as they are cool. 

From a parent point of view this magazine kept K entertained for about 45 mins plus the 30 mins it took him to draw his parrot and the time it took to build a bird house (badly) I think that part required more of my help than anything.  It was just right for his age group and he didn't have to ask what words meant so that was a bonus, he totally understood it all too.   I had a flick through it too and it really was rather interesting.  I would buy this mag for K as I think he enjoyed it and I enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Great for a rainy day inside.

You can visit the Animal Planet Magazine website for more information or to buy a subscription (it would make a great Christmas present for any kids who likes animals) and if you subscribe before the 19th of October you get a free Extreme World Book too!

We recieved a free 6 month subscrition to Animal Planet Magazine in exchange for this review,
it did not have any impact on our review in the slightest.
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