7 Sep 2011

Scooby Doo Stretch Scooby Review

So everyone loves Scooby Doo!  Adults remember him from when they were young and kids today still know who he is. I watched Scooby Doo as a child and I loved it and K has watched it since being small and Scooby is one of his favourite cartoon characters.  We have seen Scooby in many different forms over the years from animation to live action and toys that talk, walk and move like Scooby and the other members of the gang.  There are some new Scooby Doo toys now available and the kids were invited to test out Scooby in one of his new toy inspired forms.  Stretch Scooby Doo, a glow in the dark super stretching toy that can be pulled in any direction, tied in knots and much more.  This is what happened when the kids were let loose with the new toy...

It took an age to open the box which built up the excitement because by this point, as you can see K & M were arguing over who was opening the last part of the box!  Then we discovered that it had those stupid little plastic ties attached around Scooby but we managed to get him out in the end! Then the fun began, the kids had a bit of a pre-play examination to see what was what and then we had to test out his glow in the dark bones by putting a throw over us all and waiting for the glow, it didn't glow very much but he had only been out of the box and in the light for a few minutes so far, we would come back to that later!

Within minutes after that they decided to see how far they could make Scooby Doo stretch.  He started off rather stiff but after a minute or so they were able to pull more easily.  They seemed to be having a load of fun and were shouting "It's MY toy!" at each other rather loudly in a tug of war style!  Neither of them seemed to get anywhere as Scooby just got longer and longer.

So they stretched Scooby Doo and then they stretched him some more!

Then they discovered that the arms were stretching too so they pulled Scooby Doo in various different directions and tied him in a knot or two.  It took them a good half and hour before they got bored with it but they did go back and play with it a few times more before the end of the day so it must be good if it kept them both entertained for all of that time, mind you I don't think it would be any fun to play alone, it definitely requires at least 2 people to make it achieve it's full toy potential! 

The kids really enjoyed playing with Scooby Doo and they said that it would be good to recieve as a gift if you have brothers or sisters and them you too can play the "It's MY toy" game!  It may drive you nuts though, but hey at least there will be no snatching, or breaking because they are practically indestructable, my two played with it and it's still in one peice!  They have been known to break new things  less than 5 minutes before!

So if you, or your kids love Scooby Doo as much as mine then why not head over to the Scooby Doo Facebook page where you’ll hear all the latest Scooby news first including details of new television shows and all the latest Scooby-Doo products including video games, DVD’s, toys and books.  The page is packed with Scooby-Doo fun facts, games and artwork and look out for Monster Mondays and Fun Fridays when games and fun content are shared ensuring hours of Scooby-tastic entertainment.  

We were sent the Scooby Doo Stretch Scooby free of charge for the purpose of this review
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