21 Aug 2011

New Lindt Excellence Bars Because I'm A Chocoholic

Ooh, it's that time of the week again where I get to sit and gorge myself on free chocolate and then write about it!  My favourite time!  This week I am giving the treatment to the new Excellence Bars from Lindt.  I received a package with a bar of Lindt Excellence Dark with a Hint of Sea Salt, Lindt Excellence Dark Noir with Caramel and brand new Lindt Excellence White with a Touch of Vanilla. All in neatly packaged 100 gram bars, all for me!  I'm really not for sharing chocolate, I know it's nice to share but there are some things that are all mine, chocolate is one of those things!

I was rather excited, as always and I decided not to share and after much deliberation, I opted to start with the salty one, I loved the chocolate covered salted swerves from the Big Yum last year so this couldn't be much different, right?  It tastes nice, the chocolate is plain but not too dark and the sea salt makes it taste nicer than usual.  The saltiness doesn't hit you until you bite but when it does it adds a really nice extra touch to the taste.  It makes it more rounded I think but I still wasn't sure so I asked a few people what they thought.  Miss Best tried some and pulled that face again, remember, the one from last year with the chocolate swerves? It's safe to say she didn't like the combination of flavours.  Misteright said that chocolate and salt at the same time just wasn't right, but then had another piece and changed his mind!

The Lindt Excellence Caramel Dark Noir is super dark and slightly bitter but the crunchy little nuggets of caramel give it a welcome sweetness and it definitely tastes better when it's left to melt on the tongue rather than chewing.  It's rather nice but the dark chocolate was a little too dark for my taste buds if I ate more than a square!  The whole 100g bar lasted me far longer than I had initially anticipated!  It was really rich and after a short while it became a bit sickly but it was nice in smaller sized bits, I mean like half of the suggested square size.  I shared the bar with Misteright and K, M had gone home but we managed to save her a bit until the following afternoon!

The white chocolate with vanilla in my humble opinion is kind of like a grown up milkybar.  The vanilla is a subtle undertone and the white chocolate is so yummy that it is rather hard to not eat it all at the same time!  I have been known to eat larger bars of white chocolate than this in one sitting!  Who am I kidding, I ate the whole bar and I did not save any for later!  It was totally delish. I would not hesitate to buy one and I will be suggesting to my local branch of Mr S that they need to get some in!  Needless to say that I am super impressed.  This bar was by far my favourite of the three I received from Lindt.  I would definitely love to get this as a small gift or even as a treat with a DVD and a bottle of cider!  The Excellence range from Lindt is priced at £1.83 for 100g from the Lindt Online Shop

They are great all round bars of chocolate, suitable for most occasions and great for a quick chocolate fix.  They are a reasonable price for what you get and are available from the Lindt Online Shop and from most leading supermarkets.  As always remember to be TreatWise and enjoy your chocolate responsibly.

I recieved 3 x 100g bars of Lindt Excellence Chocolate free of charge for the purpose of this review.
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