16 Aug 2010

The Big Yum

As you have gathered by now, I like to talk about the stuff I like, and this week I am LOVING  a company called The Big Yum. Apparently they are makers of No Nonsense Tasty Treats! So far they are living up to the name and company tag line! 
They make these amazing things called Chocolate Swerves. They are delicious salted pretzels covered in milk and white chocolate! I liked them so much after winning a bag in a twitter comp recently and only getting to try ONE that they sent me a bag, all for me to blog about!
So the back of the 70g packet tells me that "At The Big Yum, we remind our snacks that it's never wrong to stand out from the pack as long as they have something worth while to say. So whilst others settle for timid, everyday flavours we always encourage our snacks to be a little braver" Oh and these Chocolate Swerves really are brave! It goes on to say "There is nothing worse than a pretzel that feels taken for granted, which is why we always insist that our noshable knots go out in fine, figure-hugging milk chocolate jackets with white chocolate pinstripes, to remind them just how much we care." Care is something that The Big Yum have proved to be good at so far, they arrived in a box lovingly packed with those funky cardboard strip things, not a single one was broken! BRILLIANT!
They are good, you need to eat the first one quickly as to begin with, my tongue was a bit unsure about the saltiness initially but then the chocolate began to melt... It is positively the nicest chocolate I have ever tasted and to be frank Big Yum, can we buy a whole bar of your chocolate too?  Once you pass that amazing chocolatey goodness, you are met with the salty crunch of the pretzel. It  tasted like pretzel, I don't know how to compare pretzels as I don't usually eat them, until I discovered these! They have a nice texture in your mouth and the chocolate and salt  are perfectly  balanced and with only 1.2g of salt equivalent  and 12.8g of saturated fats in every 100g it makes them the healthiest thing I have eaten all day! The main conclusion I have come to is that they are very moreish and a 70g bag is just not enough!

So here are the not so boring bits, you can visit The Big Yum website HERE where you can purchase the noshable knots from their online shop at a very reasonable price of £11.40 for 6 x 70g snack packs or for a larger 250g sharing pack is £4.50 usually but they are currently on special offer for £3.00 all orders from the online shop carry a delivery charge of £2.95 on all orders.  According to their website they will be listing stockists soon! I hope they have someone local to me that sells them! 

You can also add them  The Big Yum on Twitter and The Big Yum Facebook Page to keep up to date with all the latest goings on and special offers and competitions! 

My friend Miss Best had a try of a couple, she said she didn't really like the saltiness, but thought that the chocolate was lush. She said she only felt compelled to eat them as she was hungry. I asked her what score she would give them, she said she would score them 4/10. She didn't think that they were totally sh*t!

I, however TOTALLY love them, I could not eat a bigger sized bag all at once, but I could eat bar after bar of the chocolate coating and I think that The Big Yum Chocolate Swerves deserve a 9/10.

I, unfortunately have reached the bottom of my bag of Chocolate Swerves, sob sob, but I will be telling Misteright that I need these on a regular basis as a part of my chocolate fix and that they will be in the sweet table selection at our wedding next year!

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