29 Aug 2010

Slight Neglect and This Week in Stories :S

So, you knew it would happen. You just didn't expect it to be so soon! Well, I warned you how  rubbish I was and told you I would probably not make this writing lark an every day task, I do get bored easily! Well, it's just been a manic couple of weeks...

So last weekend we went camping, Misteright, K. K's bestie and me, in our  shed of a car all the way to Goathland, yes, you guessed it! We went to Heartbeat country...
...It would be at this point that I have to inform you all of my total hatred of tents, camping stoves and most things camping related. If you saw my tweets last Sunday, you know exactly what I mean! 

It's not like it's the first time we have stayed at Brow House Farm, it was Claude Greengrass' house in Heartbeat. The man who owns it, Farmer John, is believed to be the inspiration for the character. If he would have let me take a photo of him, I could show you what i mean!
Camping at Brow House is, well, basic. It has toilets and a shower so I suppose that's a good start!  The place has two fields, one for tents which is at the top of the hill, and one for caravans at the bottom! It's how I imagine camping to have been in the 1960's. Lots of family sport games and kids going off exploring. No kids club or park, no nothing apart from happy campers and their fires built out of the lovingly crafted, ancient stone walls that line the fields across the Moors. Good wholesome family fun I think is how Misteright described it to me on our first ever visit. It's still exactly the same now, over 10 years later.  What I am always dying to scream upon exiting the car every trip is "BO****KS!"

Gimme a nice bed and room service any day, and it's better if it has shiny gold stars after it! I'm not quite sure what it is that I dislike about camping. Maybe it's the itching I get on my face as soon as we start to put up the tent, or if it's the cooking one persons food at a time on some butane stove, that results in no one eating together and it taking an over an hour to feed four people. That's just when the sun is out, Misteright is already talking about taking another trip there in September... I'm thinking of a word, it sounds like OH, the word I am thinking of can also be followed by the word it sounds like! OH NO! Most definitely  not a chance, not now, not ever! I mean it's all well and good to do something that your child enjoys and it's nice to spend some family time together but CAMPING, PFFFT! I can think of far better ways to have a good time, fair enough, they certainly are not £10 per tent per night and you can't make your own fire and toast marshmallows on sticks (this is the ONLY enjoyable experience of a camping weekend!)   But it does have sunshine, a beach, someone that comes to serve at the click of a finger, a kids club for when you could do with a small break, someone else who does the cooking, who does the washing up and the putting away. It involves and aeroplane and a smiley air hostess with hot towels. I think you get the picture!

After we came home, I have mostly been working this week, I did have another bout of dizziness at work on Thursday though, I had to come home, nearly fell on my arse again, stupid labrynthitis. I am starting to loathe my stupid illness, it's becoming like a disability :S I can't stand up at all when I get an attack. I have little to no coordination and I really wish sometimes that it would go away. I still get dizzy even when I'm taking medication, I hope that we can find a better combination of them soon. I'm not really whining about it, this time a few months ago I was told that I could possibly have MS so the fact that it is ONLY labrynthitis is not really that bad at all. I'm just not having a good few days, I'm so unsteady on my feet that I can't cook a dinner or get to the shop, thanks Misteright and K for doing everything for me!

Yesterday, we were going to go to John Bull World of Rock in Bridlington, but on the way, the main road was closed, in my 28 years of existence I have not known that road to be shut for that far! We think that there must have been some kind of fatal accident or something...and the other route was not designed for so much traffic that we turned round and went to Mr Moos Ice Cream  parlour near Skipsea instead! K and his bestie were not too bothered, they quickly realised I had replaced watching sweets get made for watching Ice Cream be made instead! It was a good call! We had the "Mega Moo" with 4 spoons! It was huge, damn my forgetfulness and forgetting my camera! It was £7.95 but worth every penny as it fed us all and we still left a few small spoonfuls. 

It came on a plate it was so big! I tasted rum and raisin, mint choc chip, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ripple. I swear it had a whole can of squirty cream and the a flake, a fudge stick and a chocolate wafer cigarette and two massive wafers on each side! It really was as mega as it's name!  We all felt a bit sick afterwards so we did the countryside walk down to the beach and then along the cliff top for about 1/2 a mile. This part of the East Yorkshire coastline is eroding very fast and we had to be very careful as the path is now right along the edge and it has massive cracks and you can see where parts of the land have just fallen off into the North Sea!  The path stopped, so we turned back! Misteright and K and his bestie went to look in some of the disused wartime out posts but I was not up for the climbing over barbed wire fences or skipping over farmers fields to see. I was trying to be responsible and teaching the kids good countryside code but another family had let their kids go and K and his mate were not having that! So the paddy was overted and they went to see, then came straight back after discovering that it had been blocked up!  It rained when we got back in the car and it was getting late so we came home. 

I've not really done anything else this weekend as I have been feeling so ill, I am actually amazed that I have written this! Well, I only got up a few minutes before I started writing! Can I have a medal please!

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