13 Aug 2010

Starbucks, Woodford and West Bulls

My day started uneventfully, as always. The usual: alarm clock, shower, the necessary two cups of tea and the most peaceful morning bus ride in a very long time!  I had a pain au chocolate twisted style again, (they are a must for next weeks Kickin') and a hash brown and sat outside Starbucks with my caramel macchiato in the lovely city centre sunshine and smog, well it wasn't too bad for 8:30am!  Work was same as always, I only had to ask for three dead people, and when I say dead, I mean like "My Dad has been dead for 9 years" sort of dead! Surprisingly enough, only two people put the phone down today, RESULT. It makes the job so much easier when no one swears, and lets face it, it is usually me that gets them! It doesn't get me down though. It does, however get some customers irritated, my thoughts on this are that I get paid to do this and you will always be a rude arrogant arsehole! Deal with it, curse in the bogs and crack on!

After work, we went swimming at Woodford, it was £8 for 2 adult and 2 kids to swim in the family session from 4:00-5:30pm. The wave machine comes on for about 10m at a time and the slide is open for most of the session too. K and his friend had fun. It had been ages since we had been there and it had changed loads! Gone where the horrid ball things in the shallow end, never really understood exactly what they were there for... they have been replace with water shooting cannons, which could be better, they don't move about or anything, just a static cannon with a constant stream of water so you just end up with the dreaded chlorine induced red-eye, it is not a hot look for the summer, even if it has been raining!  This new addition is great when the waves come on, I sat in front of it and got swished about by the water. I even got my hair wet, which is a rarity at the swimming baths, chlorine water tends to make me look like Worsel Gummage. STRAW HAIR! 

After all that we were starving, so we decided on having a carvery at West Bulls on Bricknell Ave. It's very reasonably priced at £3.95 each. Which is not bad considering what you get but you may have to queue for a while. It was not very busy by the time we arrived. Today the meat choices were turkey, beef, or a bit of both it you preferred. I had the beef, Mr Wright had turkey as did K's friend and K went for a bit of both. You get a Yorkshire pudding and a stuffing ball too, before you take your plate and fill it with the veg and spuds yourself.  The selection of veggies was good. Carrots, peas, sweetcorn, cauliflower cheese and then boiled and roasted spuds.The gravy was in this huge cauldron thing with the biggest ladle I had ever seen, it was quite unnecessary!

The food was good, the beef was cooked well and the roasties were crispy and exactly how I like them, it could have been hotter though, as could the rest of the veg. The stuffing was excellent and so was the gravy. It was real gravy too, not that packet crap! The Yorkie pud was stone cold but the gravy was so hot it made up for that. Now the pudding, we all had the chocolate fudge sensation... it was exactly that! scrummy brownie pieces with chocolate ice cream and fudge sauce with whipped cream and wafers. It was a mega treat! Never going to fit into the wedding dress if I eat like this all the time! DEEEEEELICIOUS! The kids portion was only for aged 10 and under so I had to have a grown up one! It cost £1.05 for the kids and £2.95 for a full sized.  We were stuffed and went home with very full bellies!

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