26 Aug 2011

Dear So and So... The Ouch Stupid Body Edition

Dear So and So...
Dear Arm,

Why did you feel it necessary to totally breakdown on me today and give me pain I have not felt in such a long time, quite possibly since child birth.  I mean, come on, it was only a few cabbages in a box on a very high shelf but you should know me by now, you've been attached to me and my vertically challenged self for 29 years now.  Sorry to say this Arm, but you totally screwed up my day and my wages too.  You have caused me pain and forced me to sit in discomfort for hours now and if I am totally honest with you it's just not fair.  As you are attached to my body I feel that you really should do as I say and not what you like!  Please now, just stop it, it's not fun at all any more and it hurts so much I could cry.

Love from the rest of the body of me!

Dear So and So...
Dear Dry Hands

I know I should look after you slightly more than I do but that is no reason to become all dry and wrinkly like a granny. I promise to moisturise more often if you try not to be so rough and dry.

Dear So and So...
Dear Dermatitis

Please can you quit it now, you have tortured me for long enough and your nice new itchy patch is just great, totally attractive just near my armpit, yeah, lovely!  I will defeat you, the steroid cream will destroy you and then you will be gone.

Until next time we meet, Goodbye!
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