28 Aug 2011

Bumpeez - The Next Big Playground Craze?

K & M have been lucky enough to be amongst the first kids in the UK to try what is being dubbed as the UK's next big playground craze.  They are called Bumpeez.  What are they? I hear you cry.  Well, Bumpezz are a new and fun pocket money toy for primary school kids.  They combine being a collectable with being a fun toy that can be played ouside at home or on the playground.  Each pack contains 2 chips and 2 silicone rings and costs £1.99 where available.  The kids had a bit of a play around whilst Misteright and I decided that they were like a modern day POGS game, do you remember those?  The potential for these funky little fun filled pocket money toys is huge.  I think they will be great as stocking fillers for kids who love collectables.  

There are 10 different colours and 100 different characters with individual personalities to collect. The aim of the game is to collect all the coloured chips and matching coloured rings. Omar is the lead character and therefore the rarest with the highest trading value. So, each chip has an individual value which can be traded amongst friends. These chips and rings can also be swapped to make a matching combination.  Not forgetting the Special rare packs of Bumpeez containing Silver Swirl (bi-colour) and Gold Bumpeez. Should you be lucky enough to find a Golden Bumpeez then you have won a prize. You can also interact with Bumpeez on the official website where kids can access cool games and exclusive features.

K & M tell me that they bounce against walls, doors and radiators so far as well as the floor.  They have managed not to break anything with them yet so that's quite good! There are 25 games that can be played and children are also encouraged to make up their own games and rules too.  These are going to be massive in the playground in a couple of weeks so why not pick up a pack from the supermarket when your shopping for school clothes...

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