8 Jul 2011

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

Here is another blog hop I have been meaning to join in with for a while.  Dear So & So is the brainchild of the lovely Kat over at 3bedroombungalow  and is a clever way to get it all of your chest!  I don't really feel the need to but this week has been a right one for it, so here goes...

Dear K
I love you very much but this last two weeks your irrational and hormonal behaviour has been unacceptable.  I would like to know who said you could grow up and start acting like Kevin and Perry. Please can you just be small again so I don't have to deal with your raging pre-teen aged hormones.

Love You Funny Face
Mum xxx

Dear M.I.L to be

I think by refusing to attend our wedding you are being rather selfish and if I am brutally honest I truly thought you were a better person than that.  I know you don't like me and that you don't approve but after almost 10 whole years with your amazing Son you should know by now that I'm not going anywhere.  I think that you are behaving stupidly and the only person who will miss out is you.  It's our wedding and it will go on without you but you only have one son and he will only get married once, so would it not be a shame if you weren't there.  You don't even need to come anywhere near me or even speak to me if you don't want to.  So just get over yourself and don't make your Son sad on his wedding day, it will spoil the pictures.

With Love...
The woman who is marrying your Son weather you like it or not!

Dear lady in the shop yesterday,

It's very nice that you are totally uneducated about Fruit & Veg and that you did not know that courgettes and tomatoes both came in yellow and yes, sweetcorn does look like that before it comes from a tin, really, it does.  The reason why the seeds from your red chilli pepper you planted are growing green is BECAUSE THEY ALL DO - IT'S NATURE and yes the prices have gone down since last week on local produce because it's been raining most of the week and it makes the caulis grow!  You also need to remember that cherries grow on trees and that is why some of them have leaves on...  I am sure it's not your fault that you are a fruit dodger, these things just can't be helped.  Please come back next week when I will try to educate you properly and keep a straight face all at the same time.

Thanks for shopping with us
Love from your friendly neighbourhood greengrocer
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