7 Jul 2011

Inspire Me Beautiful Handmade Thursday - Vintage Vinyl Clock

Today I am finally getting around to joining in with Handmade Thursday - Inspire Me Beautiful.  The brilliant weekly handmade creations blog hop from the lovely @Mummiafelice over at White Lily Green.  I have been meaning to join in for a while now and show off my amazing handmade vinyl clocks to the world.  They are unique and each is made from a different 1920's vinyl.  The builders found a load of old vinyl that was  when they demolished the old buildings next to our house a few years ago.  The silly men wanted to throw them in the bin but Misteright and I both love vinyl so we could not bear to see it get thrown away...  I rescued each and every one and then they were all cleaned up with washing up liquid and a vinyl cloth.  There must have been about 30 records still in a good condition, many had chips or had pieces missing.  I wondered what I could do with them. Misteright and I discussed making vinyl bowls but the vinyl was so old that it would have just broken.  They were so thick it wouldn't have worked.  Then it hit me... Vinyl Clocks!

It was rather easy, I just attached the mechanism and hands to the middle of the vinyl and there you have it!  A handmade clock with original vintage vinyl.  

Inspire Me Beautiful
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