10 Jul 2011

Beanz Meanz Heinz

Getting your kids to eat their whole five portions of fruit and veg every day can be tricky, especially on a budget.  Trust me I'm a greengrocer and I sometimes struggle.

  That's where beans come in...
Everyone loves Heinz don't they?  Well with over 442 million cans sold in the last year alone, I am sure I can't be wrong! Especially baked beans, they are quick, easy and nutritious, plus just a single serving is also one of your five a day!  There are only a few downfalls...
  • One can is not enough to feed a whole family
  • Once a can is opened it does not keep fresh for very long
  • Baked Beans have a high sugar content
  • They also contain a substantial amount of salt considering they are just different types of beans in a tomato sauce
Well, I am happy to say that now there is a solution to all of the above... 
Heinz Beans in new Fridge Packs with reduced salt and sugar.  

The new handy fridge packs contain a whole kilo! That's more than 2 and a half times a normal sized can! It's a great way to get some good stuff into you.  The new fridge packs with reduced salt and sugar contain no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives and each 100g serving is one of your five a day! It's handy screw top plastic container means the half empty tin of beans in the fridge is no more, when you've poured enough you just close the lid and pop it back in the fridge.   The new style packs will keep fresh for up to five days, if they last that long.  They even have a handy see through measure on the side so you can see exactly how much you have left.  They are really reasonably priced too at only RRP £1.93 in all major supermarkets.  That's cheaper than a 4pack of tins!  So now it's time for the taste test...

They taste exactly the same as normal beans, they are full of beans and err, covered in tomato sauce as you would expect.  I did think that the taste may be a little different from the normal baked beans, but no, it passed with a big thumbs up.  K was pleased we had beans, he likes it when they make him fart, apparently! Believe me, these reduced salt and sugar ones are no exception.  K is a typical 10 year old boy though so I expected no less than fart jokes and the obligatory fart noises.  The pack is big enough so we will probably have a few more rounds of that before the end of the week.  I'll keep you updated!
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