14 Jul 2011

Rowntrees Family Challenge

Everyone has seen this logo before, they are makers of one of my favourite chewy sweets, the amazing Fruit Pastilles.  I've eaten them since I was a child and sharing them with K throughout the years has been nice.  It's good to know that some sweets from when I was little still look and taste just the same, even if the wrapper is slightly different. It's great to share and that's why I'm taking part in the Rowntrees Family Challenge.  It's all about sharing their new "share size" packs of their amazing new sweets. Yes, you all know how much I LOVE SWEETS so sharing them will certainly be a challenge!  I don't feel so bad about having to share with K as the new range of sweets from Rowntrees contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives so they can't be THAT bad... can they?  Here's what happened when we spent the weekend finding out...

Sour Faces - Show Your Most Sour Face

K got a bit camera shy so he decided that we were going to make a sour face out of sour things we had in the fridge!  We chopped a lemon and a lime and made a sour face.  I could place a picture of many sour faced people here too (MIL) but I will refrain!

The new Rowntrees Sour Faces were always going to be a bit hit and miss where I was concerned as I have a tolerance to sour and I expect that if something says it will be sour then I want sour.  The Sour Faces were just not sour enough for me.  They tastes really nice and they contain 50% fruit juice but the sour hit behind the sour taste was not there... everyone else liked them!  It's just me that's slightly strange when it comes to sweets!  They are really good though, the packet recommends that each serving should be 7 sweets, even though we ate the whole bag in a few minutes...and each serving contains 86 calories, 14.6g of sugar and they have actually seen a fruit, or some fruit juice at some point in the production process so they aren't all that bad!  The bag even comes with a handy resealable sticker so you can save some for later... yeah, coz that's gonna happen!

Jelly Aliens - Act like a Jelly Alien

The jelly aliens are really fruity, K's first reaction was "Oh WOW they taste epic!"  He was right, they totally did!  All the sweets were all kinds of shapes and we made a miniature space scene, some were jelly and foam planets and we had a few rockets too!  I must say they are the fruitiest jelly sweets I have ever eaten.  With a sweet tooth like mine that is a load of jelly sweets but these new ones taste, dare I say it? Nicer!  The new Rowntrees Jelly Aliens contain 25% real fruit juice so they are really packed full of flavour.  Each 7 sweet serving contains 80 calories and 13.5g of sugars  

Draw The Tree That We Pick The Berries That Make Our Very Berry Jellies

This is the picture K drew of the Rowntrees magical Very Berry Jelly Tree.  It's where they pick the juicy and delicious berries that make their jellies so unique.  The jellies are delicious and the flavours are amazing with strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and cherry jellies.  They contain 50% real fruit juice so they are super juicy too.  We loved them. We did do one for me one for you with all of the sweets we have tested over the last week.  We ate them responsibly and if we were to buy them all again (which we probably will be doing) it would have to be a whole bag each and not a lot of sharing going on...

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