16 Feb 2011

Sorry, I Thought For A Minute You Said NORMAL?

So you might remember from my last post that everything was going so fast and I needed to get off the world, well, the good news is that I'm still here, I'm still on it and yet the world continues spinning around me at an alarming rate. It's just not spinning as fast as it was this time last week.  The world is still bonkers and nothing is making much sense yet but you know how life is, it doesn't rain, it pours... 
...It just seems to me like I'm trapped in the middle of some big thunderous downpour. Think little April showers, all crashing down at the exact same moment. That moment is the only thing I can use to describe life over the last ten days.

Life is not exactly normal yet, but I suppose what is normal, really?
I mean when you actually sit down and think about it. 
What is normal and how can it be defined? 

We know already that certain things will never be the same again and we know that some things will be easier over time.  We know that some things will have to change because of this and some things that were once irrelevant to us all are now crucial parts of our lives.  I'm sure you have sussed out that this means that for us, life will never return to exactly how it used to be, and how it used to be is what I am referring to as normal. 

It's how we can deal with all of this from now on that is the important factor for everyone involved. We can cope and manage, keep calm and carry on OR we self destruct and let the world stop with us all trapped in time. The second option will only happen when I'm dead!

So that's that! Life and normality are slowly returning and the world is continuing to spin and my urge to get off is fading!  Life IS what you make it, you chose to either live it to it's full and make the most of it, or you let life, and the perpetual excrement that it's filled with consume you wholly and end up being destroyed.  Someone once told me that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  I must be stronger than the Incredible Hulk by now! So screw you life, and the random un-necessaries that you keep throwing at me.  I know they will keep on coming, I will keep on over coming and you never know, one day I might actually turn green, bust out my clothes and go on a massive rampage at any given moment!  Until that day, you're stuck with me!

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