28 Feb 2011

Hot Vimto Brings back Memories...

I have a secret addiction that not a lot of people know about, I LOVE Hot Vimto!  

I have had a love of Vimto since a very young age.  Gran used to buy it for me as a treat and I used to have it with lemonade or made into a cup lolly in the Summer  and hot in the Winter months.   It's a taste that reminds me of being 5 again so when I heard about the new Hot Vimto campaign I just had to be involved in spreading the hot love!  

It must be good because now Steve Coogan, Peter Kaye and the amazing Agyness Dean have all jumped on the Hot Vimto wagon and have been sporting the new limited edition Vimto "It's Hot Up North" Tees and even the posh tea and coffee boutiques in London are flogging heaps of my favourite hot purple stuff, but we're not that boutique in my house so it was just me, and my kettle in my kitchen!

I love my brews a lot more than your average twenty-something but sometimes, they get a little boring.  A break from the same old, same old is as good as a rest. So I have done and today, I have mostly been drinking Hot Vimto!  It's so easy to make, just boil the kettle, pour the purple shlurple into a mug and then add the kettle water!  Simples.

It tastes really, really good. In fact it tastes exactly how I remember.  It has a very distinctive flavour.  Definitely blackcurrant and raspberries and the unusual herbs that make it so unique. I love it.  Even more importantly, so do the kids!   It's the kind of drink that you need after you've been caught in the rain, with loads of shopping and you just have to get warm and fast!  For when you should drink a hot chocolate but the diet says no! I may even go as far as to say it could be better than hot chocolate,  well, it does have a lot less calories!  

This was my first cup. I am now about 2/3 through the 725ml bottle.  Well, you all know how much tea I drink and I have subbed my daily brew intake for Hot Vimto so it's expected really!   I think you should give it a try.  It's better than your average hot blackcurrant, it's got much more flavour.  

Vimto cordial comes in Original and Cherry and both flavours are available in No Added Sugar (they come with a white label)  They are both available in 725ml and 1.5L bottles and can both be drunk cold or hot, depending on how you're feeling and what the weather is doing!  You can purchase the purple perfection from all leading supermarkets for around £1.25 for a 725ml bottle.

If you are an uber-addict like me then you can follow Vimto on Twitter where they often have competitions to win some scrummy loveliness so you should get yourself following them.  You should also check out the Vimto website where you can find some seriously mixed up fruit.

I'm off to drink some more Hot Vimto now and take some pictures of the fizzy Vimto I have to give away in my next post!  Oooooh! Shlurple the Purple!

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