28 Feb 2011

Home Made Cinema Paradise?

Everyone loves movies on a Friday or Saturday night, but going to the cinema for anything other than Orange Wednesdays can end up leaving a hole in your already empty wallet and I'm so forgetful when it comes to returning DVDs so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to review the online DVD rental service from Cinema Paradiso!  It seemed simple enough so I thought I'd better put it to the test.
The sign up process was incredibly simple. I only needed to enter my personal details and the usual card payment information and I was off.  The second part of the process was to browse the DVD rentals on offer and add them to my wish list.  They advised I add 20 unique titles to begin with, this is so that they can determine the best possible allocation (apparently) which should keep me entertained for a while!  Well, they do boast a selection of over 65,000 titles so it might take me longer than watching a DVD just to chose some...

It did! LOL! I managed to fill up ten unique titles from the online DVD rentals with the help of K and M and the first two were dispatched today and should reach me in 1-2 business days.  I'll let you know when the postie arrives with them.

Well, postie came whilst I was at work this morning, baring in mind I only selected my titles yesterday afternoon I think they arrived safely at remarkable speed!  It was impossible to miss them! They arrived in brightly coloured yellow and blue stripey envelopes emblazoned with PLEASE DO NOT BEND, postie had kindly obeyed and they were all in one piece.  All I had to do was tear along the perforation and then I was in... 
On the inside I found a DVD in a clear round hard case and the envelope it came in handily has a tear off part (the bit with your name and address on) and then it is recycled into a return envelope with a 1st class pre-paid postage! It even had a tick box for if the DVD does not play.  The tear off part also has information about a members only scheme where you recommend a friend and get 1/6th discount from your monthly fee, so get six friends to subscribe and you get your films for free! 

I just need to watch the first one now and then place it back in the case and seal the envelope.  It's so simple.  The entire process has been seamless and the hardest part now will be deciding on what to watch next as my wish list now only has eight titles. Eeek! It took me ages at the weekend to make a decision.  This is coming from a member of a family that have such different taste in movies that making a decision on what to watch together is impossible sometimes.  Good job we still have loads more rentals before our free trial expires!

I have Rental Package 3 which allows me 4 rentals a month but they come 2 at a time, it's a great price at only £8.16 per month.   Why not look at and see for yourself!

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