7 Aug 2010

Misson Accomplished Even Though It Started Out As A Bad Day!

Well, today had almost been a total non-starter. I was rudely awoken by one of my neighbours shouting up for his nephew, who happens to live in the upstairs flat next door at the back of our house, he was shouting his name then adding you Fing n**head. He did not only do this once but like a damned stuck record for at least 5 minutes. Then the doorbell went, thankfully it was the post. A product test from of some face stuff that had no English on the other packet. Am still unsure of what it is. I have not yet ventured any further than that! There was also a free bag of Walkers Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding from the lovely Captain Cash! I watched Saturday Kitchen Best Bites and drank more tea and had cheese on toast. Then the mega task of the day began, which I must add, has been very successfully completed! 
Getting ready to start decorating the upstairs of the house at the moment so the PC from K's room had to come downstairs, along with the desk and the chair. That is NOT the mega misson! It all started a few years ago when Hull flooded very badly, we live in one of the areas affected, luckily, we did not flood, but our living room ceiling fell down, destroying everything. Our landlord is a bit, well, I'd like to say sh*t but he is more lapsidasical than anything. his guys do half a job at his say so! They came and re plastered the ceiling and that was how it stayed as they never came to paint over it and sort out the rest of the room damaged in the aftermath, needless to say, the front room became a dumping ground for all the crap without a home around the house, including Land rover roof and bonnet and doors AND oh, well don't get me started on that! Well, the point is that a few weeks ago my lovely Mr Wright moved all of that into his newly rented garage space :) YEY!  \0/ Happy \0/ Dance \0/

It stared to get empty and K wanted the space for playing on his wii, so today I moved all of the furniture, hoovered the massive empty space and then re-arranged it all back so everything was almost as it was before the whole sorry mess began! My back is killing, have been cursing the time I broke the hoover pipe all day! Just need to locate an extension lead for the PC stuff and then I can wire it up and turn it on. The next thing you know we might even have a TV that gets actual telly, with an arial and everything! I'm sure K would like that! he is the only kid I know that doesn't watch TV. Well, unless he is at someone else's house!

So that is all really, mission, finally accomplished.
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