17 May 2013

Be Amazing, Be Amazed - Affirmation

Be amazing.  Even when you feel like you are not, you are more amazing than you will ever know!
Be truthful.  You never know when that lie you told will come back and bite you in the ass.
Be open minded.  Closed minds don't see the world clearly.
Be who you want to be.  How can you be anything else?
Be brave.  Even when you feel afraid, facing your fears will help you overcome your demons.
Be kind.  Think about how you feel when someone is unkind to you and never make anyone feel that way.
Be beautiful.  You will not realise how beautiful you were until your memories start to fade.
Be different.  Stand out from the crowd and don't be afraid to be what you are.
Be proud.  Of yourself, your children and your friends.  They are proud of you and proud to know you.
Be Loved.  People love you for who you truly are.
Be amazing and every day you will be amazed.

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