2 May 2012

I Was In Miami, Bitch!

Well, we're home.  Not that you can tell that we have even been away.  The tan is peeling and the rain is pouring and this time last week I was sipping margaritas on Ocean Drive.  It's definitely been back to reality with a huge bump. I'd give my right and left arms and am currently contemplating swapping K for 2 x tickets to go back there.  He's not been the best behaved kid whilst we've been away, if I'm honest, he's the reason why I'm not liking being back in the UK as much as I could.  Before Misteright and I jetted off to South Beach we had not been taking any time for us.  We were K's Mum and Dad and it had not been any Miss Mamo and Misteright for a really long time.  Almost 9 years in fact, since we had some time away, just us.  It was very much needed.  We have learnt to appreciate each other again, had some time out and made us both realise just how important WE are, with no kids in tow.  No Mum this or Dad that.  No squabbling or "I want this" or "Can I have that".  

So you're probably reading this and thinking how selfish we have been having a whole week out of our lives for nothing but us.  I'm writing this thinking how and when can we be so selfish again!  No responsibilities, nothing but each other.  Safe to say that we had an amazing time!  Amazing doesn't even begin to cut it, not at all!

We drove down to Heathrow at about 4am just over a week ago.  It seems like a lifetime away now we're back at home.  Almost as if I left a little part of myself on the Beach in Miami.  I'm already saving and comping like a mad lady so we can go back.  I must say that it is THE best place to go and relax when you have no kids to worry about.  Now we're back, it's all Mum this and Dad that.  It was nice to be someone other than Mum and Dad for a change.  It was nice to walk along the beach together, uninterrupted.  Nice to not worry about what time to be back for the babysitter.  Nice to spend time discovering "us" again.  It was needed.

We ate lots, walked everywhere, got lost in Downtown, Miami after dark after taking a bus and Misteright and I honestly thought at one point we'd be shot by some crazy crackhead half asleep in a dark shop doorway.  It was like something from GTA Vice City.  At one point I was very, very scared.  Not the brightest idea for an obviously tourist couple with LOTS of cash on their person!  It was the point when the bus driver told Misteright in a serious voice to get off at the next stop, go to the security booth and wait there until you see a cab that made it a bit more scary.  Well, you live and learn, and we didn't get shot, only asked for a dollar by a homeless guy with no teeth eating a burger.  It was like a cross between GTA and the cheeseburger guy from Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood. (You'll know who I mean if you've seen the film, if not, watch it!)  So I don't need to tell you how fast we ran across the road to get into a taxi.  Never seen us move so fast.  It was gripping hands so tight they were white kind of scary.  Next time we go to Miami, that will be on the list of things NOT to do.  Repeat after me... It is not safe to go by public bus to Downtown, Miami after dark.

We sat outside Versace's house and admired it's beauty. Ate sorbet in the sunshine and took pictures like typical tourists.  We drank huge over priced cocktails and smoked fresh made Cuban cigars on Ocean Drive.  We drank happy hour half price margaritas in a tequila bar that played English radio.  Ate breakfast whilst people watching at the Front Porch Cafe and didn't need to eat again for hours.  Had Cuban food and beer at Davids and went shopping on Lincoln Road, Misteright had to wait outside Victoria's Secret whilst I browsed that whole shop, slowly and with a personal shopper!  Got caught in a torrential rain storm that was like a hot power shower and got drunk in an afternoon for the first time since I was a teenager.  Fabulous doesn't even begin to cut it.  I feel refreshed and renewed, so is our amazing relationship. 

I can't wait until our next little piece of away from it all time, we're not going to wait as long this time!  I'll just have to work harder and comp faster until another amazing win comes around again.  Massive thanks to SoBe UK for choosing me to win the most amazing holiday ever back in October 2011! Anyone can see, we had an epic time.  Loved It!
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