30 Apr 2012

Living Life On The A-List!

Comping has brought me many things over the last few years.  It's a very rewarding hobby from which I have had some amazing once in a lifetime experiences.  It has brought me Christmas and Birthday gifts that I have not had to pay for, unexpected days out to entertain the kids in the holidays, vouchers for food shopping when I have had no idea where our next meal is coming from as work dried up and a turkey when I lost my job just before Christmas.  2012 has been different though, I'm not sure if someone up there somewhere is watching over me and trying to make life better to compensate for all the horrid crap we've had to contend with over the last 18 months but comping is different.  You see I changed my method at the beginning of the year and I'm finding myself winning the things I really want.  Like Misteright's birthday present and anniversary present, one massive prize that I won has now become the best gift ever and is now apparently my self-imposed bench mark for all other gifts from now on.  So you already know from my Princesses Don't Do Housework post that I won a Ferrari f430 Spider in a competition.  I won it with insurance and £500 to blow on petrol for a whole week, as I don't drive and Misteright had been hinting at a track day in a Ferrari for his birthday I spent a whole week back in January trying to win him one, I won this instead!  We, sorry, He got to spend a week driving around like an A-Lister in a car that cost more than our house is worth!

He's done school runs, taken me to the drive-thru for a happy meal, driven down windy country lanes with the top down (getting wind whipped and a little burned on my head!)  It's been totally epic, things like that really do happen, to people like us!  You've gotta be in it to win it has never been more true!  People often tell me that I win a lot but I think that it averages out somewhere.  I enter LOTS of competitions, my purchase habits change depending on what prizes are to be won.  I spend loads of time online each day entering too, not to mention the postal entry and text entry competitions.  It's not a hobby, it's a way of life.  It's so very rewarding for a little effort and I'd only be watching Jezza and playing Farmville anyway.

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