24 Mar 2012

Princesses Don't Do Housework!

OK, I admit it, I am a complete domestic disaster! I mean I can cook, and I do it well but the other chores that would make me a Domestic Goddess are actually the bane of my existence. It is just for a sheer lack of trying on my part combined with the fact that I get paid to do it for other people (which I am certain is the thing that makes me suck at my own chores, time is money and all that!)  It's become a bit of a standing joke in our house and it's common knowledge amongst our group of friends that because I am referred to so often as a Princess, I clearly have become one!  I've not always not done housework, I did more than my fair share of it when Misteright was working super long days and nights but I suppose it was because I had no choice and when K was younger he was far more into tidying up, now he's a grotty smelly, hormone creating little pre-teen and nothing I do or say could ever make housework be fun.  It's lost it's spark...
Gone are the days we spent dancing around the kitchen with the mop and even though we recently bought a new Henry, we both lost interest in it very fast! It was at that moment when I looked at my brand new £100 vacuum cleaner with complete contempt when his smug little face glared right at me and made me realise I actually had appliance rage.  Curse you Henry you evil red machine, I don't even like you and you take up so much space, surely it would be easier to just get a cleaner, right?  I'm sure they would bring their own vacuum cleaner and any other things that they may need.  They could come in, when I am out and make the place be all sparkling and new at least three times a week!  We could get a dishwasher so I don't have to be a dish washer, we can call the laundry place and they will take it away, wash it, dry it, iron and press it and return it, then I could leave it on the top of the ottoman for Misteright to put away, mind you, they probably wouldn't fold it like his t-shirts where fresh off the shelf at the Gap, he may object to that slightly!
No matter what's cooking I use all the utensils, pots, pans and crockery we own.  I don't mean to, really I don't, but somehow when I'm at the stove it looks like my kitchen has turned into a war zone.  Baked on spillages that where not there before I started and I am so engrossed in cooking that I always fail to notice and then it's too late!  Misteright has to come to the rescue, he's like my own Mr Muscle but far better looking!  He can iron, he will do it quite happily too, he makes me lasagne and cleans the loo, he picks up after me and doesn't moan that I'm not helping (well, not all the time anyway!)  It's since we made the agreement that I would bring home some more money and he would swap domestic tasks with me, which was fine, as you must have heard how Princesses don't do housework!

It's not that I am actually a Princess, if I was then some lucky bugger would get paid to pick up my mess, smile sweetly and not worry about needing any help it just seems that housework is just not my strong point, I have lots of better things I excel at and Misteright has OCD a little bit so it's just sometimes easier (if I dare say it) to continue doing what I do and let him do what I don't.  I know it's not very "Mumsy" of me to epically fail at keeping house but I think that K is now old enough to take some housework responsibility for his own room, Misteright seems sorted with his jobs even though it was his birthday yesterday and he got a hire of a Ferrari for a week and there are pots to be washed and laundry to be folded, as you can guess he's out driving so I'm just sitting and having a cup of tea and waiting for the housework fairy to arrive...

 ...he's A.W.O.L in a super car, he could be some time!

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