5 Sep 2011

Next Summer Holiday...

So we have decided to go on a well earned holiday next Summertime, which is all well and good apart from one thing, the part where we all have to sit down and agree on a location.  It shall be known as the hard part form now on! 

We have attempted many a time to sit down and discuss the hard part but the problem seems to be finding somewhere that we all want to go.  Am I being selfish when I say I don't want to go somewhere? You see in our house there are loads of different kinds of holiday, just none of them are MY kind of holiday.  I mean, I am a working Mum, I  work hard in my real job as  your friendly neighbourhood Greengrocer and I work hard writing my blog, and other things (which may as well be another part time job) and I also work hard with my crafting when I get the chance so when I am on holiday I want it to be somewhere that someone will come and ask me if I need a drink, or a towel by the pool, preferably somewhere hot which requires travelling by plane to somewhere far, far away from life here in Realityville where someone will pick up the mess after dinner, do the cooking all holiday AND make the beds!.  What I don't want is something like camping where you have no beds, where it's cold and in a field with sheep and sheep shit not to mention the cockadoodledooing of the cockrels at sunrise, that is not the way I want to be woken from my beauty sleep when I'm on holiday!  Nor do I want something that involves lots of kid-orientated activities or hoardes of other peoples screaming children, I get enough of that at home!  A real family holiday should be something that we all want to do and I am a bit OCD when it comes to planning things so it will have to be truely perfect for all of us, it would be awful if someone didn't have an amazing time because holidays are great for making memories to look back on forever.

We have tried, and failed over and over so something is going to have to give, then I thought about an all inclusive holiday, they are affordable which means we would have more money to go out and do activities and use the resort as a base for sleeping and eating.  We are not sure where we are going to go yet, but we have decided that we are going to go...

I want the hot luxury that a beach style holiday brings, with some extra added adventure and maybe a water park thrown in for good measure and with some nice places to look at with some wonderful walks to keep Misteright happy.  The food at the hotel needs to be good as does the serivce but then, do you get that with  a package deal?  It's not that we're fussy, it's just we all want different things and that is the hardest part of holidays today.  I just hope we can manage to agree on a destination soon or I will need another holiday to get over this one and we've not even set off yet!

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