15 Sep 2011

Mmmmmm It's Jme...

I have often wondered what celebrity chefs do in a recession, how do they branch out into new things?  I mean, they are kind of like a florist in that respect apart from Jamie Oliver, not only is he the celebrity chef who has transformed school dinners and helped people to cook and eat better with his Ministry of Food but he also heads up the charity Fifteen which enables under privileged kids to learn a trade in Hospitality and Catering and he has his Jme range of products which has recently added a new line, yeah, you guessed it CHOCOLATE!

It's that time again!  This amazing handmade chocolate is produced in England from Fair Trade and organic produce and is available in a variety of outstanding flavours to tantalise your taste buds!  I was sent 3 bars from the new range to review.

Light My Fire - a rich dark chocolate with warming orange and ginger
Hello Sailor - rich, creamy chocolate sprinkled with sea salt
Smooth Operator - rich and creamy chocolate

They sound amazing right!  Each bar is 60g and each flavour in the range is suitable for vegetarians.  They are priced at £2.00 each where they are available which in my opinion as a complete chocoholic is a little bit expensive but they are handmade in England with high quality ingredients and contain over 85% Fair Trade products so I suppose for a treat a bar would be OK! 

The packets are rather groovy and the contents are not wrapped in foil but they come inside a plastic wrap which I'm not sure if I can recycle, the boxes are cardboard though so they can go in!

I tried the Smooth Operator first of all.  The chocolate bar tells me to dive in so in true Miss Mamo's World fashion that's what I did even if it did seem a shame to break it!  This bar has a minimum of 56% cocoa solids and it tastes rather nice just like milk chocolate should, it's creamy, it melts easily on the tongue and it's not too sweet.  It has a nice rounded chocolate flavour which has an excellent balance of cocoa and milkiness.  The chocolate coated my mouth nicely and left no nasty residue in my mouth, it just melts away into nothingness.  It would be a perfect everyday chocolate if the price was lower as a £2.00 spend for 60g of the chocciness would be almost £20 for the whole week and then I would be broke.Smooth Operator would, however be excellent as a well deserved treat at the end of the week or as a stocking filler or small gift for yourself, or someone else!  Yes, I really did just suggest sharing then!  It's a delicious little treat so why not dive into one yourself?

After a cup of tea I thought it would be good to try the Light My Fire bar.  It's dark chocolate with orange and ginger, it smells amazing and reminds me of Chrimbletide.  This bar also tells me to dive in.  Crammed with 72% of cocoa solids and a warning stating it may contain traces of nuts.  It tastes deliciously orangey and wonderfully gingery, the ginger is not so strong that it is overpowering and firey, it's more of a subtle heat in the undertones.  The flavours work really well together and although the chocolate is dark, the bitterness is complimented by the orange.   This chocolate would be totally amazing melted into hot milk, mmmm, orangey gingery hot chocolate!  It is rather rich and I have to say I would (sadly) struggle to eat a whole bar in one sitting.  It took me about 3 hours to eat the whole bar with sharing!

Another cup of tea, a trip to the shop for milk and a slice of pizza later I tried the Hello Sailor milk chocolate sprinkled with sea salt.  This bar contained a minimum of 56% cocoa solids.  Instantly the saltiness hits you, it was nice though!  The crystals of salt gave the chocolate a nice crunch and added a whole new dimension to the taste.  I have tested a few salty chocolates now and this one is by far my favourite.  Saying that this bar was also my favourite from the selection I revived from Jme to review.  It's nicer than a dairy milk after a bag of ready salted which is how Misteright thought it tasted.  He said some things are not meant to go together and salt and chocolate is one of those things!  Well, the bar is gone and this one was too nice for sharing but I will be eating one again rather soon if you could buy me one or two please Misteright, take early not for Chrimbletide!

Jme chocolate is available from the Jme Website I will be buying some more without a doubt!

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bloomers said...

Oh these sound lovely, especiallythe one with sea salt. When I was pregnant with my first son I craved Dairy Milk and Ready Salted crisps but I had to take a bite of each and eat them atthe same time, it was a craving that stuck and I still do it now!

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