1 Aug 2011

Sharing With The World #3 - Music

You remember how I am currently sharing with the world in the run up to my little world turning a whole year old this week, well this is the next thing I have to share with you all.  

This vocal was created by me off the top of my head messing around in the studio one day with the amazing Nightfall as he was mastering the instrumental, it was never intended to have a vocal until I started singing and it kind of stuck!  It has not been released and what you are about to hear is still rather rough around the edges but it still sounds good, well, at least that's what I've been told!   

I think that we should have released this, who knows, one day I just might.  As with all my music posts comments are more than welcome and greatly appreciated, even if you just click the link and download the track then leave a comment here telling me, or something!  If you are a music guru and stumble upon this by accident and like it then please contact me and we can talk...

In the mean time, enjoy!

1 comment:

Naomi said...

Sorry I'm not a music guru :(
But that wasn't bad, I think maybe if you picked up the speed a little in the middle it would be even better. :)

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