21 Jul 2011

Sharing With The World #2 - Handmade Bracelets

As part of my Sharing With The World series of posts I have decided to share some crafty stuff today as part of the cool blog-hop Handmade Thursday - Inspire Me Beautiful from the lovely @Mummiafelice from White Lily Green.

Inspire Me Beautiful

So you all know by now that I love crafting when I'm not busy being your friendly neighbourhood Green Grocer!  I really love jewellery making but it is very time consuming and then I thought about experimenting with beading elastic instead of memory wire.  I have since discovered that the results are equally as pretty but I can knock up a bracelet in less than thirty minutes start to finish!  Amazing, huh? 

I'm not gonna teach Granny to suck eggs as I know a few of you already make jewellery a hell of a lot better than I ever could so I will just show you the end results and tell you that the beading elastic came from Hobbycraft and the beads were part of a kit that Misteright bought me for Chrimbletide a few years ago combined with some other ones that I acquired from Miss Best's crafting bag last year.  The picture below is the result, I am rather proud because they were the last of the beads that I had been avoiding using as I did not think they would look any good, I must admit I was wrong!  There are three different bracelets in the picture but they were designed to be worn altogether. 

I would really like to know what you all think as I may start selling these when my lazy bum gets round to opening an Etsy shop, finally...
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