21 Jul 2011

Persil 2 in 1 With Comfort - Because Boys Are Dirty...

K has to be one of the dirtiest kids around, I don't mean he is not clean, because he always starts out that way, it's just he comes home from playing and he is so dirty it's sometimes hard to keep his clothes clean, fresh and more importantly keep the clothes soft and smelling good!  So when I was invited to test Persil 2 in 1 with Comfort I gladly accepted a free bottle to do the dirtiest of jobs... 10 year olds socks and dirty boy clothes!  I have to admit that K has been blessed with the "Smelly Foot" Gene, he does (I hate to admit) get it fom me!   
 So let's get down to the dirt... 
In my laundry basket are some very dirty school shirts, complete with grass stains and gravy; many pairs of very smelly socks and a few pairs of trousers that Misteright has been wearing at his garage whilst he does Land Rover things which means that they are horrid and rather black and a set of my work clothes, nice!  I'm a Green Grocer so they smell like potatoes and have lovely fruit squished into them like cherries, kiwi and banana (yuck!) 

So the question is...

Will new Persil 2 in 1 with Comfort get them clean and smelling fresh and being soft?  

Let's give it a try!

When I first opened the lid the smell was amazing, not quite sure how to describe it but it smelt nice and clean.  As it's a 2 in 1 with both washing liquid AND softener it was very easy and fuss free, it all came out of the same bottle, went into the same compartment of the washer drawer and I pressed the button and off it went.  There was just enough time to do the school run, have a brew and check my emails and then the cycle was completed.  I opened the washer door and the smell was divine.  The clothes smelled exactly the same as the liquid did before it went in the machine. Delicious!  They even felt soft to the touch and they were still wet!  Well I'll have to wait until they are dry now and see if the wonderful smell and the lush softness can stay.  So the clothes have dried now and they still smell great, they are so very soft too.  Best of all the nasty parts of the washing are now clean and they have really come out fantastically!  It's a hit with me, just have to wash the PJs and dressing gowns to see if Misteright, K & M all agree with me!
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