12 Jun 2011

Does The Internet Make Us Feel Closer?

Is the Internet making us feel closer?
Or is it stopping us all from interacting with human beings? 

See what Professor Geoffery Beattie (Head of School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester) has to say on the matter.  The video is part of the Nivea 100th Birthday and it's all about celebrating closeness in modern Britain.  Watch the video and take part in the discussion with Professor Beattie, he wants to know what you think! 

I love the Internet, it has helped me feel closer to loads of people. Through the power of Facebook I have connected with family in many parts of the world that I did not even know existed and reconnected with old friends I had not spoken to in a very long time. I have made new friends, some people I have never met but who give advice and help me feel better when I'm down and who will share good news with me when I'm happy. It's people like this that make us feel closer when we are online. We may be far away from each other but with the tap of a keyboard or a click of a button we are always with each other!

How does the Internet effect you and yours?  

Do you feel alone in cyber space or does it make you feel closer? 

Any thoughts?

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