23 Jun 2011

Bakestone - They're The Toast of the North

The parcel man came with a box full of Bakestone baked products the other day. You can guess what they were for! You guessed it, a product review! I have to say that until I was asked about tasting their products, Bakestone was not a brand I had heard of before.  Bakestone are based in the North West, with bakeries in Liverpool and Manchester.  Their baked products are available in most convenience stores in the North West and in selected Aldi stores too, this is the first time they have journeyed to Hull!  It's a shame their products are not readily available here because they claim to use the best ingredients and everything made under the Bakestone label comes with a guarantee of good quality, good value and only the finest bread for your hard earned dough!

When I opened the box I found a long loaf of wholemeal Bakestone bread, a 6 pack of Bakestone oven bottom muffins, a 6 pack of lush fruitfuls (that's a fruit teacake), a 2 pack of potato cakes (which K apparently has "all the time" at his Gran's even though I have never seen, or heard of them before) and a pack of the nicest looking shop sold scones I had seen in ages. I was getting excited and they will be S-GONE! (Sorry, bad joke!)

We don't eat loads of bread in our house but we are picky about the ones that we do eat, it needs to be soft and squishy, smell very good and be brown or wholemeal and not white. When I opened the bread it was all of the above  It had 24 slices and 2 crusts as well but we save those for feeding the ducks. The bread tasted pretty good, it wasn't too doughy but it was soft and yummy. K & M ate all the crusts so I can safely say it was excellent!  This bread is also available in white and brown too.  Our loaf was medium which was perfect for us but Bakestone's range is also available in thick slices too for people who like to have a bigger mouthful.  It has a superb shelf life of five days which meant my loaf would have lasted longer, had it got the chance!  The Bakestone long loaf is SRP £1.25

Greedy Children ate them all
K and his room full of friends ate the potato cakes, I don't know how he cooked them  but he was armed with brown sauce and I'm sure I heard the microwave ping, however I could be wrong.  When I asked K what he thought he replied with the following... 

" Yeah Mum, it was good, they tasted like potato cakes, what more do you want me to say?"   

I suppose that if you ask a question to a ten year old then you will, in some way, shape or form get some kind of ten year old logic answer!  Where available the Bakestone potato cakes are SRP 89p

nom nom nom
I was fortunate enough to get all four delicious fruit scones all for me.  I even nipped over to the shop and bought strawberry conserve and extra thick double cream to mark the occasion.  It would have been rude not to make the most of the amazing looking treats! 
The scones were truly delicious and I am honestly not a fat cow for eating them all in one sitting so can I just point out here that I had not really eaten all day and I was rather starving and they were too good to share and I really didn't want to so I did not hide in the bedroom and eat all four of them with jam AND cream honestly, I did not! :S  Safe to say that they were the most fruity and lush scones I had ever eaten that were not homemade.  They really did taste like they were though!  I spent the afternoon feeling a bit icky from all the scones and slightly sad that there was nowhere close to home I can purchase some more from.   So if you're reading this Mr Bakestone, send a lorry full of your lovely scones to a shop near me please!  Priced at only SRP £1.10 for a 4 pack

Lush Fruitful Teacakes
The Lush fruitfuls, or teacakes as they are known in these parts were demolished by K & M and the lovely Misteright as a snack.  I toasted them lightly so they were golden brown and put a thin spread of butter on each.  Misteright didn't really like them, he's not too keen on teacakes at all but the kids both enjoyed them. M said they had loads of fruit in and K said they were "Nice and soft even if you did toast them.  Mum, remember I don't like things toasted!"  The Lush fruitfuls are SRP 75p
Yes, I have a strange child who only likes things toasted on one side so that they stay soft and squishy in the middle!

The oven bottomed muffins were cooked by K (they were going to be served with scrambled egg which he decided he was going to make in the microwave, it was a disaster!) He did manage to cook the muffins to perfection under the grill without causing any sort of fire or smoke damage anywhere!  They were the best thing about the cookery disaster! Nice hot buttered muffins for lunch with some scrambled egg that almost resembles a Frisbee, you know the kind that you are obliged to eat because your child made a meal for you, all by himself!  The muffins were warm and soft and they tasted amazing, considering!

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you try some BakestoneBakestone's website for more information about their products and too see if you can buy some where you are! or you can find them on Facebook just search for Bakestone Bread
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